Monday, 14 November 2011

Caravan Electric Hook Up

In my recent post I mentioned that we were now on a site where we had no facilities. I should of really clarified this a little better.

We shy away from the large commercial sites, due to the fact we feel like you are packed in like sardines, we both like kids, but don't enjoy them running around our caravan winding up "China" dog so its the small 5 pitch or less sites for us! There is also the issue of cost! These large sites really jack their prices up!

In this economic climate why are they doing this? I came across a site during the summer that was charging £47.00 per night! I can get a Bed and Breakfast in Bournemouth for less!

During the summer we are happy to stay away with absolutely nothing, we do this when we are at the shows, we have a little gene that we run to top up batteries etc. But, under normal circumstances we always go for having an electric hook up point.

This time of year you just use too much gas running the heater, plus you are open to all sorts of condensation and damp issues.

So our site has electric, which we are hooked into and it does have a loo, not that we use it, our caravan loo is better!

Hope that clarify's our situation at the moment.

We do have the gene with us, tucked away in our trailer, just in case of a power cut. We have had several so better safe than sorry.

Christmas is coming!

Christmas seems to be approaching fast, we still haven't sorted out 100% where we are going to be over the Christmas period. We have a rough plan, but we really need to sort it out as sites are becoming booked up all ready.

I'm fairly certain though that Christmas will be held at our caravan this year, with "M"s mum and her son joining us.

As long as I don't have to drive anywhere I'll be happy! Mind you if I have to it's not the end of the world.

Coming up to 1630 and its nearly dark here in East Dorset! I really don't like this getting dark early lark at all! It makes the day so short!

Tomorrow I'm off into Bournemouth for the day, and I've a quote to do, which will give me a couple of days work so fingers crossed.

I went for an interview this morning, they had run out of application forms so are sending me out one, but it went well, I think! They are looking at a quick start so once again fingers crossed that this will come off.

If it does it means a lot of juggling around of other little jobs, but I'm sure I can fit or squeeze them all in some how!

It will be a nice problem to have for a change!

Till later...............

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  1. I completely agree with your comments about site fees, but then I wonder how much business rates have gone up in recent years. It's a while since we used commercial sites as we are members of the Camping and Caravan club so for many years we always used temporary holiday sites, which basically consist of a pitch and a tap. Our caravan was completely self sufficient but now we have the campervan we need electric hook up and toilet/shower facilities so when phoning round earlier this year when we toured North and Mid Wales I was pretty much like OMG when they told me their fees. Incidentally talking of Temporary Holiday Sites there used to be one around August on a farm next to a large commercial site at Burton Bradstock. We stayed there about 3 times when the children were young, Dorset is probably my most loved part of the country, you are very lucky to live there.