Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How To Draw Attention To Yourself!

Today was spent down in Bournemouth, from 0900 to 1400 I was gardening in a rather large house in Branksome. I was there yesterday as well.

Whilst kneeling down, weeding I noticed a fox walk by me only 10ft away! He was in great condition and did not bat an eye lid at me. He then walked around in front of me following the hedge line and cut through into the neighbours garden. Around 20 minutes later he walked back again!

Now I like to see them, but it does get me wondering how we managed to end up with foxes that are that use to humans that they really have no fear!

Being a country lad, I do support fox hunting, some say it's cruel, and maybe it is, but it's part of the country and that's what I'm all about. It also kept the fox population down.

Not only that but as far as I can see the fox population is exploding, and with the country foxes becoming so numerous where else is there for them to go but into the towns and cities, where the pickings are rich. Which is where the problems start.

I appreciate that not everyone will have the same view as myself and will look on fox hunting as barbaric and a rich man's sport. We all have opinions, thankfully we are allowed to voice these as and when we want.

Today, after I had finished gardening, I was off to do a bit of work for a guy, helping him build his web presence with the help of social media etc.

As I had been gardening I needed to get changed as I couldn't really go dressed in my gardening gear, covered in muck! So I went to the end of a car park and then covertly got changed. 

This consisted of changing my shirt, no problems with this, the next step was to remove my boots, ok no probs so far. Next step is the tricky part, trouser removal! Firstly the seat is pushed back as far as it will go, then by straightening my legs, my belt is removed and then threaded through my trousers. So far so good! Next removing my trousers, quick check around, no one near, so whipped them off!

Now this is where it all started to go wrong! There I am sat in my pants, place my trousers on the floor of the car and reach down to hold them as I put my leg into the leg hole " BEEP" Shit, who's that beeping, it was close! Has someone seen me? I couldn't see anyone, so with one leg in, I reach down to guide my trousers over my other foot, "Beep" Someone is definitely beeping, which is when I realised that as I was bending down my forehead was resting against the centre of the steering wheel and sounding the horn! I was beeping at myself! - Muppet!

So that is how to draw attention to yourself, whilst having no trousers on, sat in a carpark!

I think I got away with it, but if you were in Branksome and saw a rather portly gentleman getting changed in the front of his Landrover - sorry!

Till later...............

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  1. Jools that's not the first time you've been in a car with yer trousers down. You dirty dog..