Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The days seem to be flying by again, I don't seem to be able to keep up at all at the moment, so today is being spent doing very little!

On Friday I went into Bournemouth to see a new client and ended up staying 5 hours! A bit of a long meeting and it looks like I'm back in the online industry once more! Not sure how it's going to work out, it could either be really good or I spend a lot of time and energy and it gets me no where. But, it's a chance I'm willing to take and it can fit around my other commitments nicely.

One thing's for sure, if I don't do it I'll never know!

I'm still waiting to hear back from a company who told me that I've got an interview but they are not sure when! 

Apart from that, we are plodding along.

Saturday night we went to a firework party, friends who we have met through the vintage rallies were holding a party not far from where we are pitched up at the moment. So off we went to that last night.

A good time had by all, even if we did have a stray fire work head straight for the Gazebo where a few people were sat! It sure made them move fast! We all went home smelling of bonfire smoke and full of food as a BBQ was set up and burgers, sausages and chicken were cooked. Along with the tea urn and cake, a splendid evening.

We left China dog back at the caravan, she didn't seem to fussed about the fireworks going off but thought it best to leave her behind. We came back to find her snuggled into my fleece!

"M" has gone off to see her family today, talking babies and the like, as her son and his girlfriend are expecting next year.

I've stayed here with China dog, enjoying the sun as it hits the backdrop of tree's around us on site. When the sun shines it all looks lovely, but when its overcast, it just reminds me that summer is along way away!

Luckily the temperatures are holding up nicely at the moment. This time last year we were in the grips of below freezing temperatures at night and not rising much above that during the day!

I'm still wearing shorts! Mind you, last thing at night its a bit nippy!

As "M" is out for dinner today, I'm having Bratwurst, with some home made chips and some curry sauce! Memories of Germany coming back all ready! 

Till later...............


  1. good luck with the new venture

    Easy T

  2. whats happening , where the blog , no messgages for 4 days .....arrrghhhh you have upset my cup of tea routine !!