Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Path Well Trodden

So here I am, back in the caravan!

With it being the height of the tourist season here on the South Coast I thought it may be difficult trying to find a site to stay on.

Luck for once was on my side. As you can see its packed out!

A small site with no facilities, 10 mins drive to work, the beach or the forest and all for £12 a night including hookup!

I know where I would rather be but as that is not possible then this is home for the next 7 days at least.

Today has been spent packing and unpacking, not an enjoyable experience.  So this evening it was fishcake and chips and a look at the sea.

This is at Barton, the first picture looks out towards the Isle of Wight. The second towads Bournemouth. 

So of all the places to be single I guess I'm pretty lucky!

Till later. .....


  1. Aww Jools, I'm so sorry that things have gone pear shaped for you. Do you still have China dog or are you well and truly on your own? Take care of yourself anyway, and I hope things buck up for you soon.

  2. So sorry to hear that things have gone bottom up for you, keep you chin up things will get better.

  3. Wishing you well. Hope life gets happier for you very soon.

  4. Sorry to hear it went wrong. Hope things can sort themselves out...
    Regards Adrian

  5. Sending our "Kiwi" condolences as well. So sorry to read that things have turned out like this.

  6. Hope things change for the better.

  7. Nice pics Jools. When you get five minutes check out my blog for a little trip down memory lane.