Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Price Of Mince

Shopping for one is as I found out yesterday absolutely no fun.

I had decided to cook myself a chilli. Looking at the smallest packet of mince - £3.99 holy cow thats expensive. We use to buy a pack and either make a massive dish and freeze it or divide the mince and freeze that.

In my new single status this didn't seem a good idea. So I had a thought - buy four prime beef burgers at £2.50 and mush them up.

This is what I did and the chilli turned out perfect! So if yr fed up with high prices of mince - follow my lead!

Now sat here sweating due to the amount of fresh chillis added washed down with a bottle of "Barefoot" Califonian white zinfandel  there is only one thing missing.


Till later.......

P.S. Many thanks for all your comments especially Eunice, Rob and Jenny. Miles away but closer due to the power of the blog!


  1. Have you got an Aldi locally, they sell mince for much less than that. I prefer some fat in my mince makes it tastier. You can get economy mince or steak mince.

  2. It doesn't take a genius to add 1+1... and minus one again. Welcome to my world! I would recommend Quorn mince. Cheaper, healthier, and if you chuck in enough red wine you won't notice the difference.

    All the best my (cyber) friend.

  3. Today we bought our first caravan. We thought to live one year without payment of rent. :) Happy for you guys!