Monday, 26 August 2013

Sunny Bank Holiday Monday

Well after a few beers last night I woke a little groggy!

Thankyou to the Wychwood Brewery makers of Hobgoblin for a fine ale.

An unusual day for me as I find myself not working! So not wanting to waste it took a stroll out along Hurst Spit to watch the boats go by.

I was down there a couple of hours with my flask and packed lunch (how sensible) and just watched life pass on by.

It certainly is a busy shipping channel! 

This was one of the prettiest yachts to sail by.

It's only a narrow stretch of water, thats the Isle of Wight in the back ground! The current is wicked!

Ended up talking to someone who was in a similar situation as myself! It was a bit weird talking to a stranger but we both said it had helped! I wasn't the only one seeking solace at the spit. Funny world we live in!

Well tea time of steak and kidney pie and an early night a busy week ahead!

Till later........


  1. Great to hear that things are settling down. Glad the day on the Spit helped you (both)! Enjoy the steak and kidney pudding and have a great week.
    Regards Adrian

  2. Sometimes those quiet times are just was is needed.

  3. Glad things are getting better better.
    Bill. E

  4. Just a thought. Sat watching the sun rise from my caravans bed, quiet, no rush, sometimes being single has its benefits ;-).

  5. Hope all is well, I have found your blog both informative and fun.

  6. Nothing posted for 3 weeks. hope all is well...?