Thursday, 22 August 2013

And Life Goes On

It's been a week since I found myself back in the caravan.

Having had time to reflect on things I find that my emotions amd thoughts have completely changed.

It's funny, I didn't actually realise how bad things were until I was out of the situation.

I'm sleeping better,  eating better and generally feeling a whole heap better.

I've got things to look forward to, a great set of friends supporting me and I'm living cheaply!

So I'm not wallowing in self pity, life is to short - watch out world I'm back!

Till later.....


  1. Hi I've not long discovered this site and have been reading all blogs comments from early on up to date. Glad you are feeling more positive about life in general not easy to start again.
    I am thinking of taking up the caravan lifestyle with my daughter and renting house out. Fed up with politics at work stress and worry and the amount I pay in bills etc its a shocker. I could work part-time and still be better off!!

  2. Good on you Jools ! That moment of realisation often only comes when you take yourself out of a situation.
    My venture into caravan living was cut short in the end by security worries. A sad reflection on the world today.
    You have plenty to look forward to. I really envy your lifestyle (& your fab caravan!) Any plans to show your engine again ?

    1. Hi Phil, probably not with the engine due to work commitments. But plan on some serious camping during the winter.

  3. That's right, with supportive friends around to help, life will get brighter again.
    In our view, having things to look forward to is how we like to live. Doesn't have to be BIG things either, just people to see and places to go that make you happy.

  4. Hi there,
    I too am new to the site and am really glad you are feeling more positive. I have not read ALL the entries, but I assume you are still driving busses around the area? Do you think you will be able to get away very far (ie travelling) during the next few months?

    1. Hi yes still in the area. With the New Forest and the coast all around me it's a wonderful place to live!
      As for travelling I've a long weekend coming up so open to offers and suggestions!

  5. I've been reading through you're blogs and its confirmed to me what I've been thinking for a while!! I need to move out of my rented property and move into a caravan. The amount I can save will allow me to live whereas at the moment I'm barely surviving choosing between eating or paying a bill. So where do I start? All the sites I've looked at say you cannot live there as a permanent home. Where do I find somewhere for full time living as I work full time and have 2 older teenage children. Any advise would be great.