Sunday, 18 August 2013

We Have The Power!

It's been a couple of days since I moved in to the caravan and I'm slowly settling in.

Several problems I discovered.  No power (240v) I had 12v via a discharged battery and could see juice on the meter in the van.

It's taken till this morning to have the inclination to do anything about it.

So after a bit of head scratching and consultation with my Dad I came to the conclusion it was the 240v isolator at fault.

A quick trip to screwfix and £9.80 later I came back fitted it and the old saying of "Let there be light" became reality.

The 12v battery is now fully charged, but the one other problem I have to contend with is the water pump!

I think it's finally time to get a new one fitted.

Thankfully one of the lads at work is an ex plumber so will see if he can source one cheap.

So the rest of the day is being spent cleaning the van out as it is minging, then I'm going to cook a chilli con carne - extra chillis!

As I now have power I can recharge my phone and play music. I also have great internet access as well.

I realised I haven't eaten properly so thought it about time I started looking after myself. No one else is going to so best I get on with it.

Here is the view fm my window at the moment, the site owner is layed back about how long I stay which is also a huge relief!

I had also fforgotten how much the caravan moves around in a storm, last night was very windy!

Well best crack on till later........

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  1. A few months ago I had a problem with the electrics in my caravan. The RCD switch would trip under various loads. Also the MCB isolator test switch wouldn't work which was a worry. Did some googling and turned out the chinese switches installed were cheap and nasty and had a reputation for failing. I replaced them and all is ok now. Top of the range caravan and they install cheap switches to save a couple of pounds - doesn't make sense.