Sunday, 16 March 2014

What A Day!

It all started off well with brilliant sunshine, it truly is wonderful to lift the blinds and have the sun shining through your window as you drink your first coffee of the day!

Into Lymington to get my hair cut as I was beginning to look like something from the "Land Time Forgot" film!

A bit of a wait, so breakfast sat out in the sunshine at The Angel Inn. Now over a year ago I went there and had breakfast and thought it was rubbish, but new owners a refurbishment and was hoping for something better.

Sadly not, over priced and all though the quality was good both my sausages were undercooked, in fact still very pink in the middle. The coffee was also tasteless. At over £11.00 I would of been better off walking to the top of town and entering in Witherspoons.

Well you live and learn. Had my hair cut and then I wanted to go to the camping shop "GoOutdoors" in Southampton. I wanted to get some more compression tops, ended up buying tops and a sweatshirt, insect repellant, and two water bottles. I can never go in that shop and buy just the item I want, I always end up with a bag full of gear!

Headed back towards Totton, popped into Asda when a guy shouted out of his window, "your rear is looking flat mate"! Indeed it was, so pulled into the garage, to see if putting some air into it would sort it out. No, definitely a puncture.

OK, bottle jack out, lets get the spare wheel off the back door. Held on with 3 bolts, first 2 came off ok, then the last one which used to be a locking nut bloody rounded off!

Time to call the AA!

30 mins later and a jolly bloke turned up, managed to snap the bolt off then used a screw thread to wind onto the remaining stud which got the bolt off! Phew!

Changed the tyre and all was well. Looking at the flat tyre I counted 6 nails and an assortment of cuts, splits and even a couple of holes where something had gone into the tyre and come out again!

New Tyres it is then as they wont be repaired!

Back on site, I managed to get the Paj up to the caravan, the first time this year! The ground is still a little soft, but no problems and not churning the field up.

Managed to empty the Paj out and get most of the gear stowed away in the caravan, still a bit more to do, but no rush. I can use the back seats in the Paj now!

I then removed my leg shield extensions off my Honda C90 and the basket from the front as I'm not sure if they would approve of those modifications as it is in for it's MOT this week. Well, that is once I have booked it!

So although a pain to get a puncture, I still managed to get a bit done today, so a good day helped by all this glorious sunshine. Let's hope it stays like this for my trip!

Till later.............

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