Sunday, 9 March 2014


Sitting here at my table looking out over my field, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. The top half of my caravan door is open, and all though a little fresh, cool clean air must be good for the soul?

Today I intend to keep myself rather busy, both with chores, which when you have only one day off these need to be done or I will run out of work shirts and some time spent riding and working on my bike.

A bit of shopping, and after that off to my mate's called "Ghosty" who is a plumber, well I use that term loosely, many years ago he was a plumbers mate before he started to drive a bus! His claim to fame so far is that he managed to repair his gas boiler without blowing up his street!

He is in charge of engineering, today will hopefully see the front rack fitted to my bike!

I'm not going to hold my breath though!

So life goes on, all together more positive today, but I'm not kidding myself by thinking I'm out of the woods yet!

Will update this later on to see how much I actually achieve today!

But for now, back to sitting in the sun - Joy!

The engineering went well, in fact much better than I expected as it was dumb and dumber fitting it!

So today has been a good day, helped no doubt by continuous sunshine. I even went in to Lymington on by bike for a quick spin.

Time now to cook my tea, and an evening of chilling out.

Till later........... 


  1. Extra weight on the front forks of a motorbike can really screw-up your steering and handling. Tank slapper time if the speed, weight and road surface conspire against you.

    1. With an average speed of 25mph for the whole trip I would be most impressed if I managed a tank slapper! However I do take your point and will be sensible with the weight distribution!

  2. OMG. Now that brings back wonderful teenage memories!!!! I had a Honda C70 and she was my pride and joy at 17!!! Sigh. I still love her. LOL