Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather here in the New Forest these last few days has been absolutely glorious!

The sun has managed to burn off the fog during the day, but the Isle of Wight has remained hidden in a thick blanket of whiteness.

The fog horn has been working overtime the last couple of nights, all though once I am inside my caravan it is hard to hear. 

I guess living where I do gives me the best of both worlds, sea and forest are on my doorstep! I am spoilt for choice and so I feel very lucky to live in a part of the world that people travel to for their holidays.

My field is drying out nicely due to the sunshine, maybe in a couple of weeks I will be able to drive up to my caravan!

But for the moment it is a walk across the field, which is rather nice when it is not raining.

Tonight the moon is bright but with wisps of fog about, it is casting a strange light, an owl hooted as I got to my caravan, an eerie sound if ever there was one!

I have been contacted by a journalist who has been researching living in a caravan and came across my blog.

One of the questions I was asked was do you find living in a caravan claustrophobic? 

A good question from someone who probably has never stayed in a caravan, but for us that spend regular amounts of time in one it rather made me chuckle!

My caravan along with others has mountains of storage space, every bit of space is utilised leaving no space vacant.

I can move around freely, and can double my living space with the awning up! Not only that but when I open my front door I step into a 5 acre field!

This is not meant to mock those who know nothing of caravans, but it does highlight the misconceptions involved in living in a caravan.

With this in mind and after spending some considerable time doing it for real, I think it is now time to seriously consider writing some sort of handbook/guide for those who want to take up this way of living as an alternative to bricks and mortar.

So once my little adventure in April is over and written up I will be concentrating on getting that project up and running.

Well folks, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, it certainly seems to put a smile on most peoples faces.

Till later........................


  1. Hi there,
    Good to know you are enjoying the sunshine. We have just taken a relatively short hop along the coast from Portsmouth to Wareham where we are working for the 'summer' season. I totally understand what you mean about being spoilt to live where people go on holiday, this is so much how we feel. We spent last summer on the north Norfolk coast, a place we would never have been able to afford to move to, and as there is so little work (outside tourism) it would have been even more unlikely. I have not looked too hard at local house prices, but we did notice that static park homes are selling for up to £150,000 around here - no thanks, will stick to the motorhome, even though we have less space than a caravan (although we now have re-erected our freestanding awning which has given us tons more space). I definitely think there is huge potential for your book, even us more experienced 'full-timers' can learn lots from others.

  2. We moved in our caravan fulltime last year for financial reasons and your blog helped us take the plunge. We have met a couple of people on the sites that are doing it fulltime I reckon there will be quite a few over the coming years.

  3. Had a client who recently bought a caravan from us. He was worried over the same thing as he has a 3 kids. Once we put up the awning alongside the caravan he quickly realised how much more room you can actually have with a caravan. Even small berth ones. Its a funny one though cause it is one of the most asked questions in our business.