Saturday, 6 September 2014

Honda C90 "Lucille" Looking Sheepish!

As I mentioned in a previous post, recently during a visit to IKEA in Southampton I bought a sheep skin rug to act as a seat cover for my Honda C90 aka "Lucille".

It was time to try it out and how amazing is it!?

It fitted a treat, and the comfort level has now gone stratospheric! For the money you simply cannot beat it - cost £30.00

If folk looked at her before, they certainly will do now!

I have also fitted some additional LED headlights to her, to say they are bright is an understatement. Very impressed with how they work and the way they light up everything.

I mounted them directly to the front of the shopping basket and spliced them into the all ready fitted LED lights mounted below.

After trying them out in the dark I can safely say I can now see where I am going.

Till later............

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