Sunday, 28 September 2014

Summer 2014 Still Going Strong!

This weekend I find myself home alone!

Kiera has gone off with the girls for a boozy weekend in Glasgow, the kids are at their Grandparents which means only one thing.

In the words of William Wallace "Freeeeeeeeedommmmmmmmm"!!!!!!!!

Only kidding!

But with the weekend off myself, I thought that I should make the most of it and head off out on my trusty Honda C90 aka "Lucille".

I was unsure where to go with a loose plan of watching the sunrise out at Calshot spit, but a last minute change of mind had me booking a ferry ticket to the Isle of Wight.

It has been many years since I was last over, and that was on business so no time for sight seeing then.

For a full report please visit my other blog at but a couple of pictures for you to wet your appetite.

To be honest the best part of the island is the South West Corner, with spectacular views and a rugged coast line. I also spotted numerous camp sites and some great spots to wild camp in the VW.

However, the ferry is not cheap, £34 return for me and the bike! £70 plus for a car!

A great day out was had, and when I got home a quick shower and then off out in the VW as I had pre bought all the ingredients to make a wickedly hot chilli.

Off down to Keyhaven Marshes and I cooked myself a fine tea. I had contemplated staying there the night, but decided against it in the end and headed home. I was shattered.

Till later......................


  1. So pleased that you are enjoying life and having fun, sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing.
    That is a high price for the IOW ferry, I would have to think twice about that.
    Many many years since I was in the Isle of Wight. I went several times as kid.
    Keep on posting your news, most interesting.
    Pam in TX.

  2. Nice looking pics! I've just bookmark your blog for more explore!