Sunday, 28 September 2014

Owning A Vehicle That's A Bit Different!

Between us we own a number of vehicles.

1. Mitsubishi Pajero
2. Hyundai Santa Fe
3. Austin Mini
4. VW T25 Camper
5. Honda C90

Now, the first two really do not have any kind of status, all though there is a Pajero club scene, all though a bit of a small one.

However, driving around in either the Mini or the T25 as soon as you pass another it's all waves and big smiles!

I found this with the Honda C90 as well.

Parking up in our T25 tends to always get admiring glances or in a lot of cases folk coming over and starting up conversations with you.

It really is fun owning classic/iconic vehicles.

But with this comes the cost of up keep. Last week we required a new fuel pump for the Mini. The VW though sound, does need a bit of body work doing to it. Engine wise I think she is good but a full service is on the cards soon. More money.

But you gain so much more joy out of these vehicles. Driving around in a square box which looks similar to all the other square boxes has no appeal for me.

Which brings me onto the fact that with two 4x4's in the stable and not a caravan in site something really has to go.

I'm afraid to say the Pajero is or rather will be, once I have emptied it up for sale.

She has served me well and runs brilliantly. So the full spec is as follows:-

Mitsibushi Pajero 2.8 Long Wheel Base. A full 7 seater with cloth interior. The 4wd system all works and she is a dream to drive.

Tow bar obviously with twin electrics. Great for towing, you often have to remind yourself there is a caravan on the back!

She has the winter pack which includes full insulation in all door/body panels, heated front screen so no scraping of ice in the mornings and a diesel pre heater.

A bit of a long shot but if anyone is interested email me at for further information.

Till later......

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