Friday, 5 September 2014

Last Days Of Summer - 2014

As I tend to get up early these days due to my job of driving a bus, it has started to become noticeable that it is staying dark longer in the mornings and getting darker in the evenings.

This should not really be a surprise,after all it is just a passing of the seasons, but this year it seems to of crept up on me rather rapidly!

With the kids starting back to school we thought we would celebrate the last night of the school holidays with a trip to Milford on Sea beach in "Duckie" (what else)? and a pizza/kebab/chicken nuggets takeaway.

Whilst parked up we had a couple start talking to us about the our T25! You really do get to meet some folk when you drive something just a little different.

So that is summer more or less done and dusted, not that it means camping is over - oh no! Hard core - remember??!!

Till later...............

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  1. Well it may be early September and technically moving into autumn but round here at least it's like it's still summer. Blue skies, sunshine and warm to the point of being hot - it's only the darker mornings and evenings which tell me it isn't. And my camping is by no means over, I'm off on Sunday to Norfolk for ten days.