Thursday, 11 September 2014

Preparations For Camping In Our T25 aka "Duckie"

This weekend will be our first weekend of camping with the kids!

We aim to set off as soon as they finish school tomorrow. We are heading for Burton Bradstock and a site called Freshwater Holiday Park. 

Now this is not the sort of place that you would not normally find me, indeed under normal circumstances it would be my idea of hell.

However, with kids aged 10 and 12 it seems ideal with a swimming pool and ten pin bowling. The beach is close by and we are on a grass pitch with hookup.

We wanted to test out the awning and our new cadac, which I must say has been upgraded considerably since my old one!

Today has been spent, fitting out the camper with all sorts of useful gear that I have collected over the years. The Pajero is being emptied of it's tools and safety/recovery gear. Finding homes for all of it now.

I still have a massive list of things to do, but have all day tomorrow to get things sorted.

Looking forward to a a couple of days of relaxing and camping, should be good fun.

Will update as we go as long as I have an internet connection.

Till later.......


  1. Lucky you! Have fun. Mind the beach along there though as the Cliffs are very unstable!

    1. We kept well away from the cliffs the erosion and land slides along this part of the coast is staggering. I read a report recently that in one area close to us they are currently loosing 1 metre a year to the sea and there is nothing they can do due to costs!!!

  2. How exciting, I will look forward to your news.
    Pam in TX.