Saturday, 7 January 2012

Caravan Club Shop Front

The new magazine for the Caravan Club arrived today, one of the things I tend to look at is what new gadgets and goods are available.

One of the things I find is that you have to go to each individual maker to buy these, I would rather go to one place and buy from one source and preferably on line.

So with this in mind I have taken a look at the items featured this month and found that nearly all of them can be purchased from one place. That place is here, yes, right here from this very page!

The other thing I found is that I could nearly always beat the price displayed in the magazine or at least match it.

Well, here they all are:
Wedgewelly with funky pattern  - various sizes!
Ladies Wellies by Wedgewellies, these first came to light on BBC2's Dragon's Den and have become one of their success stories. The boots in the mag are for young girls, but if your past your teen's then there is a whole selection of colours and patterns for you to choose from. As worn by many celebrities, you too can splosh through to the loo or fill the aqua-roll dressed in the height of fashion, even if you do still have your leopard print PJ's on!

Urbanista Mid Size On-Ear Headphones
Swedish made Urbinista's new Copenhagen mid-size headphones which are lightweight and can be folded up and stored within their own storage/carry case. No tangled leads to contend with when trying to stow everything away!

Hanwag Men's Trekking Boots
I couldn't find the exact shoe, but there is a complete range of Hanwag Trekking  Boots for ladies and gents with different styles and colours available. These are not cheap, but they are a top of the range boot and are highly regarded as one of the finest boots available.

Ricoh CX6
The Ricoh CX6 multi-function camera is brimming with functions but briefly it has a 10 Mega Pixel LCD monitor with a magnification of 10.7x (28-300mm) zoom lens which can auto focus in 0.1 second! For the full spec just click on the link to see more.

Safefill Refillable Gas Bottle
The refillable gas bottle by Safefill can be purchased direct from themselves and you can pay via paypal! These bottles can be refilled at any garage using a normal LPG refill system. All though at 15.5 litres I would have trouble fitting that in my front locker, and having them sat outside the caravan does not go down well!

Care-avan Shampoo and Polish Kit
The best deal on all Care-avan products was direct from themselves, they have a massive range of cleaners which are approved by Bailey. They even have a waterless cleaner!

Hope that make's sourcing these items a little easier for you all!

Till later...................


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