Sunday, 8 January 2012

Essential First Aid Kits

Do you have a first aid kit on board?

We have a kit that has been called into action a couple of times now for cuts and sprains. So reading through the Caravan Club magazine I saw a two paged article on them which made me think that all though we have one, it could really do with being updated or at least re-stocked.

So guess what? You can find some of them below and a couple of extra ones as well, so if your own first aid kit comprises of a couple a plasters, paracetamol, and a grubby old bandage, read on!

Reliance Medical Travel First Aid Kit
The Reliance Medical First Aid Kit is a good all round first aid kit which comes in a strong fabric bag. It contains an assortment of plasters, tape, sterile wipes and scissors. A pair of gloves, and a number of bandages and dressings. Its also a couple of quid cheaper here than in the book!

AA Soft Pouch First Aid Kit
The AA Soft Pouch First Aid Kit is easily stored in a caravan or motor home locker. There is room in the bag to add other bits and pieces such as pain killers and the like. This kit also includes scissors and safety pins. Though if you are like us the scissors soon got taken from our kit and put into every day use. There is also a foil blanket, essential for keeping an injured person warm until help comes or in my case to wrap myself in after completing a marathon!

Touch Of Ginger Urban First Aid Kit
The Touch Of Ginger Urban First Aid Kit, is housed in a solid plastic container, great for handbags or day sacks as it is pretty robust. A good kit if you are into adventure sports for cleaning up minor injuries. You won't be able to perform open heart surgery with this, but a handy thing to have whilst out and about. The case itself measures 15.5cm x 8cm x 4.5cm.

St John Ambulance First Response First Aid Kit
The St John Ambulance First Response First Aid Kit is not your average first aid kit. Designed more if you are holding a rally or an event where a good kit is necessary. As kits go it is really comprehensive as you would expect from the St John Ambulance!

So if you are an organiser of any event then this would be a good kit to have around, and what's more the price is under £30.00 so a real bargain, especially when you compare it with some of the smaller kits available.
Mr Bump First Aid Kit
The Mr Bump First Aid Kit, aimed at little kids or big kids like me is just great for soothing those bumps and scrapes that kids get whilst exploring the great outdoors whilst on a camping holiday after being wrapped up in cotton wool at home! It even has Mr Bump printed plasters! Its a very basic kit, more psychological than anything else but could be the difference between a screaming child and a pacified child!
Warwick Pet First Aid Kit
Finally, how could we forget our four legged companions! The Warwick Pet First Aid Kit is comprehensive as you can see from the picture, what I liked the best was the paw print badage!

If you have never been on a First Aid course, maybe it's time you did. Just knowing the basics can save a life! So why not take a look at St Johns Ambulance web site to see how you could get the knowledge to save a life.

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