Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tent / Awning Pegs

Little did I suspect that when I looked into sourcing some new pegs for our awning would I be faced with such a multitude of choice! So much so that I haven't decided which ones to go for!

At the moment we use screw in one's with an orange top. These are screwed in with the help of my cordless drill, the regular plastic type with the T at the top and when we use the smaller awning I use the common and straight forward metal pegs.

Our screw in pegs are starting to corrode after a year of almost non stop use. The cold weather last year also played havoc with the plastic tops. None have broken but you can see that they are beginning to go.

So I had a look at what was available.

Ive heard about rock pegs, but have never used them, guess we have been lucky so far in that the ground has always been soft enough for what we have. Either that or the screw in pegs that I have are bloody good!

We have lost a few pegs along the way I'm sure. They keep cropping up in various door pockets of the cars at irregular times! I've even got one in my barbour coat pocket, it's been in it for at least 6 months now! You never know when you may just need it, so I don't want to take it out. Mind you as there is also an assortment of screwdrivers, if I was to be stopped and searched by the police it looks as if I'm off out to burgle someones house! I don't think I look like the average burgler, not many top flap windows, cat flaps or indeed normal sized windows I could squeeze through!

So get on with it, what's available I hear you ask? If your not, then click off now as the rest is all about tent pegs and I don't want to bore you! Rock and roll hey! Go HERE and have a look through all the goodies available.
Standard 17cm Long Metal Tent Pegs. These coming in a pack of 144, not sure why anyone would want 144 of them unless you are extremely forgetful or you are in the habit of loosing lots of pegs! But at under £15.00 for that lot it will take you a while to get through them!
12 Plastic Tent Pegs. 9" long but what made me laugh was that on their advert it states that they are guaranteed not to rust! They are bloody plastic - how daft do they think we are! 

6 Heavy Duty Tent Pegs - These do look a little bit more meatier than the others, but once more the makers have either run out of things to say about their pegs or they think we are stupid as once more we are informed that they will not rust!

25 Glow In The Dark Rock Pegs - I do like the idea of these, many a time after sampling an ale or two my eyesight not being perfect a glowing peg could well be handy either for not tripping over or to find my way back into the awning!

8 Illuminated LED Plastic Tent Pegs - Now these look brilliant! Depending on how long the batteries last. But I do like the principle behind them. They are 15cm long and have an on/off switch.

20 Threaded Screw In Plastic Tent Pegs - We have the metal version of these, so the decision is really go for a direct replacement of go for the plastic ones? The plastic ones seen here look as if they have a thicker threaded section which would provide greater grip in wet conditions, but may be a prone to damage on stony ground?
20 Threaded Screw in Steel Tent Pegs - Our plastic tops are orange otherwise the same. With less thread in wet ground they are easier to extract without having to unscrew them! Mind you they have kept our awning anchored down so I can't complain.

We have a set of Storm Straps, which clip onto the ends of our awning. We also use a Ratchet Strap from the centre pole of the awning to a Screw In Dog Spike. This seems to work well.

The only time we had problems with our awning was when we, or I should say I failed to fit the storm straps! Other than that it has held up well to all weather conditions.

So any clearer? I'm certainly not, but if honest I do have a leaning towards the plastic screw in type, as there is life still my old steel ones, I could use them both at the same time to give them a fair test. I also like the idea of a couple of the LED pegs, these could be useful. If nothing else I could keep one in my coat pocket and use it as a torch thus avoiding awkward questions if stopped by the old bill!

Till later...........

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