Monday, 9 January 2012

Paperwork Nearly Complete And Where Does It All Stop?

I've been waiting since before Christmas for two pieces of paperwork to come back so that I can start my new job!

These are my provisional licence for coach driving and my CRB check which is a check done to make sure that I am a fit and proper person (debatable in some folks eyes)! 

Well, my CRB check has come through with no problems. But we had a bit of a technical hitch with the licence as I was supposed to include my current licence with the application.

I had a letter from them explaining my mistake so that was sent off "Special Deliver" on Friday, so they would of got that today! I'm hoping that with a bit of luck and a fair wind that it will be returned to me by the end of the week.

All I have to do then is contact the bus company and get a start date!

So, at last the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

Now for something completely different

I read a well put together article in our local free paper called the Blackmore Vale Magazine by Mathew Manning he is on blogspot so easy to follow. He wrote a piece titled "Give Wild Meat A Try". As you can imagine it's about pigeon and rabbit, shooting it and eating it. As a country lad who by the way has never held a shotgun licence, but as ex-services know how to use one! This is right up my street. I've had pigeon and am partial to a bit of rabbit! The only trouble with pigeon is you need a flock on your plate to fill you up!

But on reading his blog I was "not" surprised to see a comment left exclaiming that the author should of put in a disclaimer about hurting animals and all the what if's you could imagine. Well, call me old fashioned but how the heck is this guy supposed to do or say anything that will help! There are more birds/wild animals killed/injured as a result of road accidents than shot with an air rifle. Perhaps we should take care and dodge the on coming moths when driving at night? "Save A MOTH - Drive Daylight Hours ONLY"! as where does it really stop? All God's creatures etc.

Of course, there will always be the minority scum who use air rifles to hurt animals, but this is a minority. If you start cracking down on all and making it illegal, a) you will drive it underground b) the morons will just do something different!

We just have to accept that in life there are those who are responsible and those who need to be put into the stocks and flogged! Simple! God I'm sounding like Clarkson!

However, I respect any one's right to make a statement, but not to have a dig at the guy for doing what he does responsibly!

I must also point out that I have no connection with the author Mathew Manning, I've never met or heard of the bloke before reading about it in the paper. However I do support him!

If you want to get on a high horse about animal welfare, try European Battery Hen farming or Veal production! Did you know that the living space/cage for a battery hen is no greater than the size of a A4 piece of paper! But leave the guys that shoot pigeons and rabbits (technically classed as vermin)! alone.

I feel better now, haven't had a rant in ages!

Till later..........

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