Friday, 6 January 2012

It's Getting Lighter In The Evenings All Ready!

Is it just my imagination or is it starting to stay light just that little bit longer in the evenings?

So much for the prediction of a harsh winter. So far our only problem has been brought on by wind, and we are not talking about the brussel sprout variety either.

The last few days here in East Dorset has been spent hanging on to our large awning! Thankfully it survived the 50-60mph gusts that were recorded in these parts. Must admit to thinking several times, that the end was near, as you could hear the wind building up from a distance as it roared it's way through the tree's! Not for the faint hearted!

Plenty of tree branches down around us, and all around the caravan and awning is littered with twigs! Thankfully nothing large broke off and landed on us! We did hear some large cracks of tree's falling or branches breaking off but we have been unable to find out which ones or how close they were to us!

We did have a power cut yesterday for a few hours as a result of a tree down on the line, but after a few hours it all came back on. We do have the generator as back up in our trailer, but for the short period of time it was off it stayed packed away.

The site has dried out really quickly after the New Year deluge which saw a couple of campers here requiring the use of a 4x4 to extract themselves from their pitches.

All is now quiet and peaceful with just two units on site. Lovely!

I've had the week at the caravan where I've caught up on the washing and general duties! I think I'm up in Shaston for a couple of days next week.

I had a letter back from the licensing folk in Swansea who now say they want my old licence sent back before they issue me with my new one. That wasn't made clear on the form so that will be another week's delay.

China dog has gone into hibernation mode, and is sleeping for long periods at a time. There is nothing wrong with her as when she is awake she is like a "Thing on a Spring" and full of energy. She has just recently decided that she likes to play with our feet, the more you push her away, the more she likes it, to a point where it looks like you are kicking her!

Not always a good time to play as your putting your socks on, or taking your boots off!

If you get chance on the bottom right of the blog you will see a box which says A to Z challenge April 2012. Have a click on it and a read through. I will be taking up the challenge of writing everyday for the month of April and visiting as many other blogs as I can. It sounds like a fun thing to do, who knows what you may learn!

Till later......................


  1. Hi, enjoy reading your blog. As you have sent for a licence, how do you give an address?

  2. Hi we are registered as living at my parents house - we are technically on an extended holiday!

  3. The A-Z challenge sounds like fun. The nights get lighter really fast once Christmas is over. I've always noticed this when I come out of work how quickly it goes from pitch black to daylight. We have a Robin who lives in the tree across the road who seems to have got a bit in front of himself though and has been singing away merrily every night since before Christmas at 1 and 2 in the morning.

  4. hi newbie here. i am just starting out as a full timer and was wondering how you get about moving around so much close to work dont park owners get tired of it are they a bit snotty or is it easy to use just a few sites and rotate between them? sorry for the influx of questions but am worried about travelling to work.

  5. In our experience we have had no problems with any site owners, they welcome the 28 days of cash! When we first started out we booked into each site for only 2 weeks to get a feel for the place, then the next time we came back booked in for longer, we alternate between 3 or 4 sites now and it works out well.