Tuesday, 5 June 2012

God Save The Queen

This weekend we celebrate 60 glorious years of our Queen's reign. I for one am tremendously proud of our heritage and our Royal family.

It's been great these last few days driving around and seeing all the bunting up and flags flying.

We are probably the only country in the world that could hold such a public display of celebration for it's sovereign. Of course there are certain countries who round their people up to celebrate whether they like it or not.

But here in this fabulous country of ours, where not everything always runs as we wish, we can celebrate at will, and long may that continue.

After watching the various ceremonies on the TV, I myself have been moved to tears on more than one occasion.

The sense of pageantry, history and the spectacle of what has happened over the last few days has simply been mind blowing.

Today, watching on tv the procession, I really do believe that the Great is back in Great Britain!

Our caravan has been decked out with Union Jacks this weekend, and we have had the pleasure of Mr Gulliver and his young son who stayed a couple of nights.

Photo: Flags flying, sun shining, beer cracked open - God Save The Queen!

A fantastic weekend, that not even the weather could spoil.

With only one more thing to say I hope you all had a Royally great weekend.

God Save The Queen!

Till later............... 


  1. I did have a great weekend and I envy all Brits for the "idea" of having a queen. Who do we admire and look up to here in the States? Hmmm--good question. And I have much nostalgia for the UK where I student taught in Winchester. I really enjoyed my time there and the sense of history around every corner.

  2. There are many admirers of the Queen in our US of A. Congrads dear Queen on surviving 60 years - especially the last years that I am sure were the hardest for her.

    The future of the royal family looks bright with the 2 royal grandsons. I look forward to seeing how the future plays up for them.