Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Awning Up

We decided after checking the weather forecast to put our large awning up on Sunday.

It all went up ok even though it was a bit windy, thankfully we managed to get it all pegged down and secured with the storm straps without any mishaps.

As we hadn't had time to go to the launderettes out came the twin tub and I set about doing some essentials. My white shirts came out so much cleaner than they normally do!

Who ever says that these camping twin tubs don't work well must be doing something wrong!

Yesterday we had to replace the batteries on the Pajero. It has twin batteries and both were completely knackered.

We had them checked and they should of been producing 70 amps, but their output was only 6 amps!

I'm fairly sure we got a good deal as they only cost us £144.00 fitted for the pair.

We have had the Pajero for a year now and that's the first thing we have had to replace, it sailed through it's MOT with no problems at all.

It's the longest day today, it doesn't feel like the middle of the year at all.

Well, tea consumed, China dog will be having a brief run around outside and as I've been up since 0500hrs it's time for me to crash out.

Till later...............


  1. hi there, I have been reading your blog over the last week form the start as i am considering doing same up here in Scotland. i was pleasantly surprised when reading about place you had stayed and mentioned Lesmahagow as thats where i am from. where abouts around lesmahagow where you living. i am currently looking at caravans at the moment on ebay to start my own adventure.

    1. It was halfway between Lesmahagow and Strathaven, I think it was Nether Kypeside, out the back of beyond!

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