Saturday, 2 June 2012

How To Pick A Camp Site For Fulltiming

We are often asked how we go about looking or picking a site suitable for full timing.

To start with, we drive to the site and have a look around it, we do literally drive into the site.

This does a couple of things, firstly we see how tight it would be to get our caravan onto site in the first place. Back when we started we made the mistake of not doing this and had a bit of a problem getting out once we were in. So always worth checking out!

Whilst we are talking about getting in and out, how many gates do we have to go through, and how easy are they to open/close. Whilst on holiday it doesn't matter if the gates creak or are heavy, but when you are leaving the site early in the morning, the last thing you want is rusty creaking gates to open.

Once on site you get to see the layout, how close the pitches are, where the water etc is all located, and above all, how maintained it is.

We only stay on small 5 pitch sites, we just cant be doing with the bigger sites. The site we are currently on is only small, with a gate to open, a loo and a shower (which is free and has loads of hot water)!

When we book into a site for the first time after we have checked it out for suitability we never say we are full timers. Why should we? We book in for 2 or 3 weeks, then once we have spoken to the owners a few times, then if we feel it is right we tell them what we do.

This has always worked for us. On our current site we did this and now have a great relationship with the owner. We plan on staying here for a while, abiding by the 28 day rule of course.

The owner likes it, it is guaranteed  money for them, we are happy as we have a lovely pitch, so all are happy!

In fact we like it that much in our current location, that I have put in for a transfer and got it, so I will shortly be based at Lymington. This will be so much better for us as I currently have a 60 mile round trip to work everyday. My new base will mean only a 6 mile round trip! Not only that but my new company pays a lot better as well, so quids in!

I'm just waiting for a transfer date, which I'm hoping will be sooner rather than later.

Till later............. 


  1. Isn't it great to be able to change your location at the drop of a hat? Mortgages and noisy neighbors are not something we stress about. Best of luck on your new driving assignment. Hope you two are enjoying the Queen's celebrations.

  2. As true Royalists we have enjoyed this weekend celebrating Her Majesty's 60 amazing years as our Soveriegn.

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