Monday, 25 June 2012

All Quiet On Site

I think that the Great British Summer has put people off camping. Our current site is empty!

I would of thought that there would of been a couple of folk in over the weekend but it was just us, which did mean that on Saturday evening the music was rather loud!

I also managed to set my car alarm off this morning so just as well it was just us on site.

I am now also the proud owner of two new pairs of glasses! I thought after wearing the same pair since 1998 (my prescription has not changed) I picked them up this evening but only after a bit of a cock up!

I received not only a text but a phone call today to say that they were ready, so imagine my dismay when I turned up at the opticians in Tesco's to find them closed due to staff shortages!

Off I trot to customer services who appologise an offer me a £5.00 voucher, well just as she was about to give the the voucher, in walks the optician who I collar and off we trot to get my glasses. Bugger, 30 seconds longer and I would of had a fiver!

So I'm fitted up and just leaving when the customer services girl comes and gives me the voucher! So all in all I cant really complain!

Well, it's bubble and squeak for tea, a pint of cider and Paul Jones on Radio 2 (blues show) so I'm off!

Till later...................................

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