Friday, 8 June 2012

So What's The Plan?

So far it's been a year of change, many things have happened and are happening as we speak.

I guess the biggest thing that has happened has been for me to pass my PSV test which enables me to drive a bus or coach. One of the buses that I drive below! You have to be careful when you pull into this stop as the camber on the road is severe, a normal bus is fine, but with a double decker your wheels can be 6" from the curb but the roof due to the lean is hanging 2ft over the curb! The same thing has to be considered when driving along country roads with trees, telegraph poles and buildings.

For any bus spotters it's an Optare Spectra. A low floor 75 seater.

I took this photo of the bus I was driving in Blandford Forum.

Photo: Today I will be mostly driving a red bus! 
I started working for a company which is part of a large group and am now waiting for a transfer date to a depot closer to where we want to be for the foreseeable future.

With all these changes to our working week it has been impossible to do any of the vintage rallies that we enjoy so much. We have not exhibited at one yet! 

We are not even sure when we can next do one due to me changing depot's and starting a new shift rota.

So things are a little bit up in the air, which is about right considering the weather we are having at the moment!

The site we are on is almost full, a family packed their tent up last night and escaped home, which was probably a wise move, just one other large family tent on site which remained up even with 60mph gusts of wind!

We are now currently located half way between Lymington and New Milton, which is great for trips to the coast (10 mins) or the forest (5 mins).

Last night we took a trip to Milford on Sea and had a bag of chips and watched the waves for a bit. Splendid!

Hurst castle is what you can see if you follow the coast line and to the right is the Isle Of Wight.

Photo: Chips by the sea! Gale force winds & plenty of surf!

I can't see us moving from this area for a while, it has everything you could possibly want.

With our future mapped out for us we can finally start to long term plan and save, as we will know what our combined incomes will be (I will even be having a pay rise due to the company change)!

So a lot to look forward to, just a shame that it may take us the rest of the year to get things straight!

Till later......................

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