Saturday, 16 June 2012

Moved In Record Time

Our 28 days on our current site were up today, (Saturday) so with a quick check with the weather forecast we decided that as the awning was dry we would move on Friday evening.

I got back to our site at 1830, we packed all our gear from the awning, took it down, moved and set up the caravan at our new site by 2030!

A record time for us! OK, the inside of the van does look like a bomb has gone off, but all of that can be easily sorted (my task for the this morning).

With high winds expected again, I'm glad we got the awning down and in one piece. Having such a large awning does have it's disadvantages!

We have no awning up at the moment, depending on the weather it will probably go up one evening next week.

Till then both 4x4's are full of gear! We certainly have no room for passengers as the Pajero is full to the roof, and the Freelander is full of awning and poles.

We certainly did a quick move which was due to two main reasons, the first was the weather, the second, was we were off to see a band called "Shoestring Blues" Blues orientated with some cracking bass and lead guitar and some pretty fine drumming. A good evening was had by all and we ended up having a chicken kebab looking out over the sea towards the Isle of Wight.

So today the plan will be for me to stow away unwanted/unused gear this morning. "M" is working till lunch time then we are off to the opticians for eye sight checks and new glasses.

My current glasses have been wedged onto my nose for a number of years now. I worked out that I have had them since at least 1998! I have worn contacts during this time, but they have lasted well. I saw no reason to change them as my eyesight had not changed in all this time.

I paid a lot of money for the frames, if I recall correctly well over £400.00 which was strong money in 1998! But, they are Hugo Boss frames, I had the lenses coated so they would not scratch and the lenses thinned. So I reckon I have had some good use out of them.

As I said, I have worn contacts, which are great, but I suffer from watery eyes,most people who wear contacts suffer from dry eyes. I'm the opposite, the trouble being that on windy days, my eyes would water and quite simply my lenses would often blow out of my eyes!

We are off to Tesco's and in the in store opticians. The other day I lost the screw holding in my lens, so after trying to repair them myself and failing, we thought we would go and see about new glasses.

They repaired them free of charge, not only that but they replaced a previous repair of mine and gave them a good clean, so felt obliged to book an eye sight test.

I wonder if my new glasses will last as long!

Till later.......................

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