Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Getting The Hang Of It Now

I think it has taken me far longer than it has "M" to adjust to living in something with walls.

It is still a strange feeling not having to go and fill the aqua rolls or empty the loo, instead we have running hot and cold water and a flushing loo!

We can see our caravan sat at the top of the field from our new home, it looks sad and lonely, but until I get my shift patterns confirmed we cannot make any plans to get away.

There seems to be an endless list of things we want to buy to either replace and put back in the caravan or to have here at our new home.

The caravan looks very bare at the moment!

"China" dog loves here new home, and has settled in extremely well, as I am on day off and it has just gone 0900hrs, "China" dog has yet to leave her bed even for a stretch!

The site is more or less full, with plenty of tents and campers, which means plenty of rubbish to empty!

We appear to get through an amazing amount of loo roll here on site, as I pointed out to "M" there are a lot of arses out there in that field! Take that however you want to!

Recycling still seems to be a mystery to most on site. I cannot see for the life of me that a bin clearly marked with plastic/metal/paper could end up with such an assortment of general waste!

Which also brings me neatly onto to the kind person who managed to smonge a Jamaican ginger cake over a pair of seats on the top deck of my bus yesterday and for the individual who stuffed two banana skins down the side of the seat! You dont' deserve a bus, you need a cattle truck!

I was out yesterday with another driver learning a route into Bournemouth, the bus was packed! I drove back, and it was really good to drive not only a comfortable bus but also one that worked properly. I got out of the bus feeling refreshed instead of getting out and being unable to walk due to the circulation being cut from my legs.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week and driving.

Today I will be mostly sitting in the sun, and relaxing, but, as with most plans, I doubt if that will happen at all! "M" is home around 1500hrs today, so an early finish for her. I expect there will be plenty of little jobs that should only take 5 mins but actually take 2 hrs to complete lined up for me!

So off to make the most of it before her return!

Till later.................. 

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