Sunday, 8 July 2012

Settling In

We have emptied out the caravan completely now apart from a couple of draws, we are both still totally amazed at how much we carried around with us!

The site is pretty water logged, with just a few campers left on site. There has been a family staying in a single skinned tent all through this rain. They have been here for two weeks now. 10 out of 10 for putting up with the weather!

The weather has been very wet, with the wettest June since records began! July does not appear to be much better, and the forecast is looking grim as well. Lets hope that August is good.

My new role as chief rubbish bin emptier has been a bit of an eye opener. How difficult is it to segregate your rubbish, paper, plastic and cans in one bin, glass in another and then general rubbish in the other. 

To difficult for most I think, even though the bins are clearly marked.

When you put rubbish into a bin, why not tie up the rubbish bag, I had the unsavoury job of hooking a nappy out of the bin the other day, as the campers were too lazy to seal the bag up.

The site is pretty booked up through out the summer, so plenty more of that I suspect!

Back "On The Buses" it has been it's usual fun and games. I broke down 4 times this week! Mind you that is nothing as I was talking to another driver on Saturday and he had broken down 9 times in the same period.

My breakdowns consisted of, windscreen wipers falling off twice, an engine overheating and an electrical fault.

Only 10 more duties with my current company, then I move to a new depot, with a newer fleet of buses, so hopefully not as many problems!

Not only that but better rates of pay and conditions, can't wait!

Bins done, "M" is out doing the loo, then it's getting ready for a family get together near Christchurch. We are being picked up so it will be a lunch time pint for me!

Well, better get on with it, so,

Till later.................

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