Saturday, 14 July 2012

Still Raining!

When will it stop raining? This is the question that everyone seems to be asking at the moment. The answer to this is not for a while yet.

The Jet Stream which should be sailing right over our little island is firmly embedded below it bringing in all that the Atlantic has to offer.

Sunny days sat outside with the BBQ, forget it, instead stews and roast dinners indoors.

We just have not been able to get outside to do anything yet, I wanted to start cutting back the rather over grown garden that we have. I may just get on with it a little later.

Every day, I'm driving my bus through massive puddles, no wonder last saturday the electrics packed up on the bus! This week I have only broken down the once, well I say broke down, an alarm for a low battery came on, but after an hour of driving with a high pitched tone I could take no more and pulled over and sat there until another bus came out to me.

Only 5 more duties with my present company, and to be honest it's 5 too many. Every morning it's a lottery if your bus will start or on a couple of occasions even at the depot! This week I had one none start due to flat battery and on my walk round inspection in the morning I noticed that my bus for that day had the back bumper seriously damaged!

My new company has buses that are a lot newer, I drove a bus the other day with over 600,000 miles on the clock. Now, they were designed for high mileage but this was in a little Optare Solo with a 4 cylinder diesel engine! I could walk faster up hills! Even by taking it out of auto and using the 3, 2, 1, gear shift it made no difference! It was a long day!

Well, off for a wander with "China" dog, she does not like the wet! Then we will do a bit of tidying up before I attack the garden!

Till later...................

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