Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Living In A Mobile Home / Static Caravan

We moved in on Sunday after I had finished work. It is a slow process of transferring every thing from our caravan to our new home.

I am totally amazed at how much we managed to cram into our caravan! It didn't feel cluttered, but some how we are running out of room in our new home! How does that happen? It's bloody bigger!

So, we are now trying to find places for all our bits and pieces.

It is a bit of a novelty not having to change the water over and having a proper loo! I think I'm still out of sorts with this new place, it's funny what you get used to!

Monday evening I went back to the caravan to get some more gear, and I don't mind admitting I had a bit of a moment as I sat there on my own. A lot has happened over the last two years!

Could just do with some decent weather, so we can sit out on our decking!

China Dog loves it here, yesterday evening we both walked over to the caravan with China, now she has never run off before, but within 30 seconds she had done a runner and hot footed it back to the static! "M" found her sat on the front door mat!

There is two slight leaks that we have discovered, both around the sky lights so we need those investigating rather sharpish. Other than that, everything is fine.

We will when finances allow buy another kitchen worktop, we have seen what we want in IKEA, it will match what is currently in here. It's a stainless steel worktop. The good thing about this is that when we do leave here we can take it with us as it can be unbolted and we can store it in our trailer and use it in the awning.

This will be our third night here tonight, we have both slept soundly so far, just waiting for some dry weather so we can take our awning down!

Fajita's tonight and as I'm required to grate cheese, better get off of here!

Till later....................


  1. I think you have made the right decision. You now have the best of both worlds. I have read your blog since you started it and worried about you in the bad weather. This is a great solution.

  2. This sounds good, as you know I am fulltiming, although no need to move around as you two did. Well done for getting it for the same sort of costs!
    2 fulltimers from here recently left for a static site nearby and it looks good, but alas the costs are far more than here.
    So I am staying put for now, and will follow how you get on with interest. I dont think you will miss "slopping out" or filling up tho !!

  3. I'm big fan of a park home and want to spend as much time I can in a mobile home. I love traveling and they are my perfect companion while traveling.

  4. Mobile homes Or Static Caravan both are fantastic options for the lovely vacations. I have my own mobile home and I can go anywhere at vacations