Friday, 6 July 2012

Unpacking The Caravan

We are both totally amazed at the amount of belongings we have removed from our caravan so far!

Even more so as we are having trouble getting it all in to the static!

It would appear that we have spent the last two years living in a Tardis!

We are settling in slowly to our new surroundings, and changing things around to suit us better. It's the fine tuning of things to make sure it feels and works right. All this takes time.

I wanted to get out into the garden today to do some cutting back of the bushes, but as it's tipping down rain so it will have to wait.

It's been interesting in reading your comments about our change of abode, there were a few reasons why we thought the change would be a good idea.

Firstly, though I would like to point out once again, we started full timing for purely financial reasons. Fed up with paying high rent and high utility bills.

Now, some could say that we have jumped right back into the same situation that we were trying to get out of.

Our rent here is nominal, as we are helping out on the site to off set this, so any bills we do have are equal to or less (as it's summer) to what we would of been paying if we remained in our caravan.

We have been very happy within our caravan, and would recommend it to anyone. I do not feel that we have failed at all. Sure it's been tough at times, but I would have no problems with going back to that way of life at all. We undoubtedly will do!

In fact what is there to fail at? We have done two full winters, with the coldest weather down here for years, so fail? I don't think so.

Who knows how long we will be here for, it all depends on how we get on with it, but unlike most we have the option to go if we are not happy.

The caravan will be used for what it is intended to be used for and that's holidays and weekends away, which when I know my new rota's we will be off!

Still unpacking! The one thing that has concerned me is the amount of weight we were carrying around with us. We filled up two big plastic boxes with CD's and DVD's and odds and ends, both weighed around 20kg each!

After looking at how much gear we had in there, I'm without doubt that we were over loaded!

Once we are straight I will get some pictures of our new home.

Till later........................


  1. Who's said you failed??? what a load of rubbish that is and don't even bother to read comments loke that if you have them!!

    Keep on posting and photos too please!
    best wishes
    Angela and Peter

  2. I've been out of the loop for a bit. Looks like I missed your move. All I can say is - do what seems right at the time. No one way of living is perfect - only what is correct for any given time.