Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Car Trailer Ideal For Camping Or Rubbish Clearance - Body 123cm x 92cm

I have put my old car trailer up for sale, it's on ebay at the moment and you can see it by clicking on this link HERE

If any one is interested please get hold of me asap as it ends on Sunday!

We are keeping our 8ft blue trailer as that is just too useful to get rid of, but this is now surplus to requirements as my days of maintaining gardens are over!

I've now got a start date for my PSV training which is on the 12th March, so a few days to go yet which is being spent route learning and avoiding being run over at the depot!

Some of the lanes that we are taking the coaches down certainly require a degree of skill, I wouldn't be keen on towing the caravan down them! Single track lanes, covered in thick mud with hedges and banks either side looked very daunting!

We are off to the ExCel in Victoria Docklands London on Saturday and possibly Sunday depending on how much we see on Saturday, we are staying with friends of ours Fred & Jill who live near Brentwood, so a short train journey in on the day.

We have pre-booked tickets for the Saturday, but will pay on the day for Sunday unless any kind Dealer, Manufacturer or Company would like to supply us with a pair of tickets. Of course a favourable write up here would take place in exchange of tickets!

"M" is currently cooking tea, and all is quiet here on site, with just one other here at the moment.

It's been a quite winter, we haven't seen many campers at all pull onto any of the sites we have stayed at! Where are you all?

Well, better get on, till later.....................

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