Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Cold Start To The Day

Just when we get lulled into a false sense of security with mild weather, no snow or frost, along comes the cold and kicks you hard!

We forgot to take in the hose connector from the caravan to the aquaroll, even though it is covered in insulation foam and then wrapped up it still managed to freeze.

At least it is sunny at the moment, though not too sure how long that will last. Inside our caravan as always it is warm as toast, so no complaints in here! China dog is getting a lie in this morning, not being a morning dog at all. It's now 0904hrs and she is still soundly asleep on our bed!

"M" is working this morning, though being full of cold she may be back any moment. I've got some photography to do once the awning has warmed up just a bit. It currently has the sun on it so wont take too long. My cold seems to be now lingering on, and not clearing away. 

I'm also selling a car trailer if anyone is interested, it's a good few years old, but it's sturdy and would make an ideal camping trailer.

I will be taking some pictures of it later so will upload one for all to see.

The Freelander failed it's MOT, but nothing too serious, the tie bar/rod has excessive play in the pin/bush which I will let the garage sort out, but the strange thing that it also failed on was that the front exhaust was not adequately supported.

A bracket is missing completely, with no signs of their ever being one in the first place it does make me wonder if the garage is at it!?

This is the first time we have used this particular garage as we normally take it to a friends garage, but as that is now a round trip of 60 miles we decided to use one close by.

Normally the MOT costs us £40 but we were hit with a bill for £55 straight away! Well, that's the last time we use this garage. It's easier and cheaper to give our friend a bit of work and take the time to travel up to Shaston.

I hate feeling as if I may of been stiched up. I know they say that they are reliable and this sort of thing does not go on anymore, but who are they trying to kid!

Well, better get on and do my chores, I cant wash up at the moment as the hose connector is thawing out, what an excellent excuse!

Till later....................


  1. Hi, yes we're out. On a small site not too far from Bamburgh, however given the weather reports around the country it is positively tropical; 5 degrees, no wind, a small amount of sunshine, time to count our blessings.

    I know what you mean about garages, just got over a disastrous couple of weeks which I'll tell you about later. Found a garage through the Good Garage Scheme, (search for it, don't know how to copy links on this, sorry). Read the reviews and think I've found a decent one, but you do put your fate in their hands.

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