Friday, 10 February 2012

Got That Friday Feeling?

Its been a long week, I've finally started to clear my cold which was starting to get a bit tiresome!

It's also been a bit nippy first thing in the morning, and today we actually had some snow to contend with, not enough to worry about, but enough to get me out of bed earlier than usual as I hate being late. So I had to factor in the slow drive in. As it was the roads were fine, so I had an extra 25 minutes of hanging around, but better that than 5 minutes late.

Being a Friday, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and not having to get up before the birds wake up! We were planning on meeting up with "M"s cousin and Aunty on Saturday evening but a couple of nights ago "M"s Aunty had a major stroke and is currently in intensive care! Not good at all.

The Freelander is in for MOT today, this is the first time we have used this particular garage after being recommended it. We normally use a friend up in Shaston, but the 50 mile round trip to do this didnt really seem worth it. We would of only paid £40 for it there, but "M" has just found out it's costing £55 just for the MOT! I want it bloody valeted as well for that! Still haven't heard if it has passed or not yet, so it could be an expensive day!

This should be my last day down in Swanage working, as I am supposed to be going back to another depot on Monday. I will find out more later today. I still haven't started my driver training, but as they are paying me the same rate it's not really a problem. I'm happy to be paid for riding around on a coach!

Before I left this morning I did have a quick check to make sure that there was not too much snow on the roof of the awning, all was ok, when I left, and with no further snow forecast should of all melted off by the time I get home this evening.

Last year when it snowed I was up at 0400hrs broom in hand, trying not to get blown off the top of the step ladders as I tried to sweep the snow off! Such fun!

The drive in was uneventful, but there were still idiots overtaking me on the dual carriage way into Bournemouth. The outside lane was full of slush, driving through that at 70 plus is just suicidal in my view. It wasn't like I was crawling along either.

Depending on how much the MOT comes to we are thinking about going to the ExCel camping and caravan show in London next weekend. We have friends who live close by so the plan would be to stay with them and get the train/tube into the show. We want to look at the new Adria and another look at the Hobby range. I would love to by British, but when they can offer the same value for money as our Euro neighbours then I may consider it.

Mind you, if any company or manufacturer reading this would like to try and persuade us otherwise then please contact us and we can discuss things further. We are certainly willing to listen. Just think of the advertising you get, just like Lunar do at the moment!

So now I'm just waiting for some kind manufacturer or company to provide us with a pair of tickets to the show - I wont hold my breath on that. All though I must say that last year at the NEC show Lunar did do this for us. So a big thankyou to Lea in marketing for that.

Well, better be off, hope you all have a great weekend, anyone camping?

Till later................


  1. Glad you're finally getting rid of your cold Jools, nothing worse than one that hangs around for ages. Hope M's aunty comes through ok, fingers crossed for her. Nice to see you're first follower of my new blog - I don't know how successful it'll be in the long run but hope you like what you read anyway.

  2. If you're going up to London have a look at a new caravan manufacturer's stand - Eterniti Caravans. Reasonable weight (1400-1700kg) but with a slide out so you get more space on site. Lots of interesting features.

  3. Hi Jools , me and my hubby and some friends are thinking of going to the excel show next friday too :) looks like a good day out

    we're also thinking of buying a cadac for this years camping trip in august, i know ive read all about it on here and other sites but is it really worth the money??


  4. We are camping by going around the South Island of NZ for 3 months as semi full timers. Follow the blog to see our adventure. Robin

  5. Hi Jenny and Robin you pair of lucky buggers! I hope you enjoy your trip and look forward to reading all about it!

  6. Hi Eunice, New blog sounds a good idea, cold still lingering and now "M" is going down with it!

  7. Hi Mature-Student will certainly take a look at the Eterniti Caravans, checked them out on line and they look interesting, just hoping their spec is up to the same standard as Hobby! Will see them at the show.

  8. Hi Eileen, you mean to say you havent all ready got a cadac! Seriously they are brilliant, you can cook so much on it. It makes the most amazing crackling on your roast pork ever! You can certainly make everyone on site envious as your roast lamb/beef/chicken wafts across the field! Worth every penny, I wouldnt leave home without one!