Monday, 6 February 2012

Swanage Dorset And The Surrounding Countryside

I've been based down in Swanage which is right on the South coast of Dorset.

So many places of interest around this area and some amazing views to be had, especially when sitting up high in a coach as I have been these last couple of weeks.

In Swanage they are currently repairing the rail at the station, as over the years it has sunk and required a major overhaul, this is taking place as we speak, it has been interesting to watch the work taking place on a daily basis. Swanage Railway is run entirely by volunteers after it was sold off by BR during the early 1970's.

We have traveled on this railway a couple of times, when we have been doing the vintage show at Harmans Cross in September.

I have also been travelling through Corfe Castle and Wareham on a daily basis, after first going through Bournemouth and Poole.

It only takes a quick click on the links above to see why I feel very lucky to live very close to these amazing places.

Only trouble being is the grockles during the summer, clogging up the roads and generally getting in the way. But as we rely considerably on the tourist trade then we shouldn't really complain too much!

This year the Olympics are taking place at Portland which is just out side of Weymouth. They have built new roads in and out of Weymouth as it was a terrible drive in during the summer, but with the expected increase in people something had to be done. However, no matter what you do, there are only narrow roads for the last couple of miles. It will be interesting to see how the millions of pounds that have been spent on road works will work, or not, as the case may be!

It's warm compared to the last few days! I may even go for a stroll later along the sea front!

My cold is finally starting to clear up, mind you it's touch and go a bit in the morning, with a bit of coughing and spluttering, but once warmed up I'm OK. Today is the best I've felt in over a week!

I've also now signed up for the A-Z Challenge, if you want to find out more about this, click on the link for more info and what's it all about. They can tell you in far greater, and better detail than I.

Till later.............


  1. It's obviously a pleasure for you to work amongst such wonderful historical towns and architechture. That's one of the reasons that Kiwis like us just love to visit UK - all that wonderful history that we had only previously read about. We have been to Dorset too, as well as Weymouth.
    And we plan to do several vintage train trips during our South Island Odysesy Trip, starting next week!

  2. Hello

    I am moving to dorset soon hopefully(if my job interview goes ok). Where is your caravan and is it possible to live in one all year round oike you in a site?

  3. Hi we are in East Dorset at the moment, yes its possible to live in a caravan all year round, we have proved that it can be done easily with the right equipment and mindset. Read through our blog for all the information, but any specific questions please email me at
    There are no sites that we are aware of that you can permanently stay on due to the 28 day rule.