Saturday, 4 February 2012

Winter is here!

The last few days have seen it getting progressively colder, and with that there is always the threat of things freezing up.

So, "M" set about making new aqua roll covers, which have been deployed. Preventative measures have been taken to make sure that we don't freeze up.

For the last few nights we leave open all lockers under the front seats and chest of draws to help air circulate, and last night as the temperature was so low we cranked the heater up, which made it almost too hot for sleeping but better that then freezing up.

We even brought in the aqua rolls in to the awning, raised them above ground level and kept their jackets on.

However, at -11 even the best laid plans fail!

Don't get me wrong, I'm currently sat warm and snug in the caravan with a temperature of 22 degree's so personally we are not cold at all within the caravan itself.

The aqua-rolls, even with the steps we took turned to slush puppies over night and are now thawing out next to the heater in the caravan! The caps were frozen on solid!

Our kitchen sink waste has frozen, this due to the "U" bends in the pipe as it goes through the chassis rails of the caravan. Good design Lunar! Even with the pipes detached from the outlet sockets, there is still the chance it can collect and freeze which it has done.

The water on site is also frozen, nothing we can do, it's the price we pay for living how we live.

As always we keep a keen eye on the weather forecast, and from what I can make out, it looks as if it will cloud over and warm up later then pour with rain! With the temperatures being what they are and not having a great deal of faith in the BBC forecasters, I have this horrible feeling that it may cloud over, remain just around freezing, then snow like mad!

I'm hoping that I am wrong, as with the ground now being rock hard, snow will quickly accumulate and bring us to a stand still!

I have also discovered that Jack Ratt Vintage Cider at 7.4% has a very low freezing point and due to its acidic content would probably make a good car window washer fluid! It survived a night in the awning in a flimsy plastic container sat directly on the ground! Not a hint of slush. The aquarolls in their jackets, thick plastic containers, above ground level froze! Which further proves my many scientific experiments over the years that if you drink strong cider it keeps the cold away!

Tonight I will be doing some further research into this matter, to prove my theory! I wonder if I could get a government grant for this? Stranger things have happened!

I have also been had by the dreaded lurgy this week, a heavy cold, aches, streaming eyes and nose make for a long and uncomfortable day when you are getting up at 0415 and getting in around 1820 at night! Wednesday night I was in bed for 1920 and out for the count!

I still haven't started my driver training yet! But as they are happy for me to sit along side another driver learning routes and the workings of the company and get paid for it I'm not complaining.

Over the last few months our finances have taken a complete and total battering, so we are slowly starting to claw our way back to the surface again. I don't think it will take us too long to recover, March at the latest I hope, and all debts will be cleared.

As I write this the sun is shining, all is quiet here on site, "M" is at work this morning, and China dog is wrapped up in a blanket and not moved off of our bed! She doesn't like mornings or the cold! So today she is in heaven!

I'm going to have a milky coffee as we have no water easily available till the aqua rolls become a bit more like water and not like the polar regions. Then I will tidy up and make the place look a bit more presentable.

So, wrap up warm, for those of you who are expecting snow, get yourselves ready, and good luck!

Till later.......................................


  1. Here's a little tip I heard recently from a regular all year caravanner of 25+ yrs.
    To stop pipes & drains freezing especially those U bends....
    mix a fairly strong salt solution (a few spoons of salt in a mug of hot water) and pour some down each plug hole in kitchen, bathroom & shower when you are expecting a cold night.

  2. To stop the aqua roll from freezing,I use a fish tank heater.I think mine is a 300w heater,not sure,as I've had it for a few years. Works a treat!
    I also use salt in hot water for the pipes.