Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow - It Came And Went!

The winter weather we were expecting to see sort of passed us by here in East Dorset.

It did snow, and gave a little sprinkling, but it soon turned to heavy rain which washed it all away.

Water on site was restored today, this I am very thankful for as our only means of getting water here whilst the water was frozen was from a very small hand basin in the site loo. The problem being that it was too small to attach a hose to the tap. I had to use a coffee mug to fill the aqua roll!

I gave up counting how many mugs I'd used at 50 and shortly afterwards gave up the will to live as well!

We used salt water to finally clear the last of the ice out of the waste pipe, and have now stocked  up on some salt to run through last thing before we go to bed. It worked really well.

Other than that we survived the cold snap! I do have to make clear that inside the caravan it is warm as toast, we keep the heater on at night, this cuts down condensation and damp. I also hate getting up in the cold so it has to be on!

I often flick through other forums and often find that folk say that there caravan is cold, damp and they would never consider using it in the winter. All I can say is, your doing something wrong!!

Also that the majority of caravans are not suitable for staying in during the winter! If you were new to caravanning then you could find this very off putting, but speaking from experience. As long as you are set up for winter then, there is absolutely no problems with staying in a caravan or indeed living in one as we do!

OK, so our waste pipe froze, but I wonder who else who lives in a traditional house had a burst pipe or a frozen waste outlet!? I suspect there were plenty.

We have now survived our lowest outside temperature of -11 it only got down to -9.5 last year.

Only a few more weeks and spring will be here, there are plenty of signs of it all ready with the daffodils showing all ready.

Well, that's the weekend done and dusted, we had a lazy one as money is still tight, but at least we have a regular supply from myself coming in now! So it will get better.

Just as well as the Landrover requires it's MOT at the end of the week. Fingers crossed that everything goes through ok. It flew through last time, so there hopefully there will be nothing too seriously wrong.

Up at 0430 tomorrow morning, hopefully this will be my last week of getting up at this daft time.

So, till later..................

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  1. Surprised you have had it so cold. I don't think that here, near Chester, it has been colder than -1C. It was much colder last year.

    Christmas 2010 we were away for 10 days and it was below freezing all day and -14C at night. But, as you say it was fine in the caravan.

    Easy T