Friday, 9 March 2012

Another Week Done

Where did that week go!

Last week we moved to our new site just out side of Lymington in Hampshire, we have had some very strong winds to contend with, but thankfully the awning has survived, with the help of three storm straps.

I've completed week two of my driver training and I have my test on Monday! I feel confident, as long as I don't do anything stupid or I react badly so others stupidity I should be ok! Fingers crossed.

This site is a little bit busier than what we have become accustom to. Four caravans on site this evening!  Plenty of room between us all, but our last site was a secluded site, with lots of hedges, bushes etc. This is an open field.

Nothing planned for this weekend, after getting up at 0430 every morning I don't really want to do a great deal other than sleep! "M" is working tomorrow morning so I intend to catch up on those ZZZZ's then!

Oh, make that a full house and 5 caravans, another one has just turned up! Another bonus, not a young kid in sight to scream and shout and make a noise early in the morning!

The cadac will be getting fired up later this evening, we haven't used it these last few months as often as we should of, so we will be making amends over the next few weeks!

So who knows what next week will bring. I will be either starting a new life driving a coach or bus or back training! We will find out soon enough.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and if your not out in your caravans or motorhomes, why not? Tents, well you do have a bit of an excuse!

Till later.................


  1. sounds like you're staying on a site we stayed at year before last, really liked it but very exposed and windy!! ps saving up for a cadac for august thanks to you lol

    Eileenhoops x