Sunday, 11 March 2012

Moving From One Pitch To Another!

When we moved onto our current site, there were not too many options as to where to pitch up. However, now that the site is all but empty, with the last caravan due to leave very soon, we have decided to move pitches.

Where we currently are we loose the sun by about 4pm, where as the rest of the site gets it till sunset, so we are going to move down approx 150 feet!

Sounds like a bit of a hassle to move down, but apart from the awning coming down and then back up it isn't too bad! At least we don't have to bolt everything down for such a short move.

So it's a waiting game now, as soon as they pull out, we will be moving pitches! I'm just going to empty the awning out to one side, and carry it all down.

Best get on, I want to be done and dusted and enjoy the sunshine! "M" typically has gone out! So down to muggins to pack up!

Till later.............

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