Saturday, 17 March 2012

It's The Weekend - Sun Shining - NOT!

At last the weekend is here, by 0700 hrs I had had my 2 1/2 extra hours in bed and felt ready to get up!

"M" is working today, back just after lunch time. The weather after being dry all week has changed for the worse, rain forecast all day and the same for tomorrow! How boring is that, but as we do not dissolve once wet, we may still go for a walk later on today once we have done the chores of a quick trip to the launderette.

Friday morning had me driving the bus through Salisbury and just as we were approaching Ringwood, a rock flew up from a passing lorry and smashed into the windscreen. Thankfully I was slowing down at the time as I was just about to pull over so only doing around 25mph. I dread to think what would of happened if I was doing 50mph.

The central white bit is the size of a grapefruit with the cracks radiating out around 2 to 3 feet.

It made me jump when it hit, even though I saw it coming!


So that really put paid to our driving for the day, as it was unsafe to carry on in this coach, we limped back to Salisbury where it took us a bit of time to find a replacement coach. We ended up with a rather rough old dog, which I actually enjoyed driving, the gear box was like stirring a bucket of wall paper paste, but at least it had a bit of get up and go when you put your foot down.

I've got my test again next week, fingers crossed once more!

I'm sure you will of all seen and heard about the tragic coach crash with the Belgian kids on board. I know that this easily makes the news, and rightly so, but to then suggest that coach travel is unsafe and that parents are thinking about not letting their kids travel on a coach is a bit much in my opinion. 

I wonder how many are seriously injured or die when taken to school in their parents cars everyday across the whole of Europe. I expect that those stats are a little higher than the coach crashes you tend to hear about. But, of course that doesn't make a good news story for prime time TV!

I've been in touch with a few people recently which is always great, I hope all your plans for full timing are shaping up and for those that have just started are enjoying the experience so far.

Don't forget that we are happy to answer any questions you may have on what we do and how we do it. No matter how daft you think your question is, just ask.

It's strange to think that we have been full timing for a year and a half now! Where does the time go? We have done a lot over this time and learnt an awful lot about how simple and easy it is to live like we are. It really isn't difficult at all. So for any of you thinking about it, stop thinking and start doing!

Till later.....................


  1. What wonderful account you give of full timing, I too have have been doing this since last november and so far .... well its been a steep learning curve! loved your account of the shower in the dark, 3 minutes? we get 5! but its all good and can only get better. Good luck with the PSV by the way.....

  2. Hell Jools that is one big crack! It must have been half a building brick flying at you. I bet you ducked as it's a natural reaction. I remember doing it when a bird flew at me. Annoyingly I've had 3 windscreen cracked by flying stones in the last 5 years all when travelling through Belgium the roads there are horrendous. Good luck with the retest this week and look forward to meeting you with you next month.

  3. Bricks flying towards vechiles is normal on the streets of glasgow .... I have done a stint as a hackney driver in past , around 2002 , there was one sunday afternoon i was hit , THREE TIMES in different parts of glasgow , in the end i gave up and went home for a few hours it caused me too much tension every time i saw kids at side of street I was panicking in case it was a slightly bigger brick that finally made it through a window , i hear from the taxi it guys theres a lot less of it buit for years it was horrible , huge areas of glasgow became brick zones at kids at little as three decided any taxi or bus in glasgow was fair game and soon as they saw one instincitvely looked around for nearest boulder/brick/stone to pick up and throw .. at times it was terrifying ! and we were warned DO NOT LEAVE THE CAB .. as sometimes they were doing it so you would cahse them and older guys would rob/steal the cab ... the police were also not sympathetic ... the advice from them was drive and and report later ..if you got out of cab you were seen as agressor and could be charged ... tough times .. i hated every minute i had to drive a cab.

  4. Hi Sand, glad your enjoying full timing, with the better weather on the way you are home and dry!

    Jim, yes it was a big old rock that flew up, and yes there was a slight movement to my right on impact. Of course no one noticed that they just heard me saying "You Fcuker!" rather loudly!

    Having lived and worked in Glasgow, I have had many objects hurled at me, the lead up to the 5th of November was always eventful, I had scorch marks on my white van sides from rocket attacks! Even my driving school car was stoned once! This was around the same time as you were cabbing it!
    I have also had bolts, bottles and heinz baked beans thrown at me from high rise buildings! Glasgow certainly kept you on your toes!