Saturday, 31 March 2012

Move Day Today

Our 28 days are up today, so it was time to shuffle along to our next site.

We took our big awning down last night, which took less than an hour, and loaded up the 4x4's as much as we could.

This morning we woke up at 0800hrs got up and had a brew, showered then leisurely stowed everything away safely.

We hooked up, and checked lights etc and moved to the top end of the site before I went through the gates. I was there a few minutes waiting for "M" to sort out the Freelander, and as it was only around 1000hrs I turned the engine off. 

"M" drove through the gate and I went to start the engine and it was dead! The batteries (I've got two linked) on the Pajero were flat! I'm not sure how this had happened over such a short period of time. Could it of been due to having the caravan hooked up and running the 12v system?

Not sure what the problem was, but a set of jump leads are now on order! Luckily I managed to borrow a pair from a guy who had a workshop next to the camp site so it didn't take long to get us going again.

5 minutes down the road was our next site, we pulled in and our site was reserved by a little chalk board with our name on it.

A lovely flat site, open and a good space between units. Its a no frills site, just water, hookup and a place to empty your loo. Just how we like it!

We set up the large awning, unloaded and we were all done and dusted by 1145hrs. Not bad going.

This is the site we will be meeting up with "JE" later on in the month. Where a good few German beers will be sunk and many an old tale told! Looking forward to it!

As "JE" will be joined by his Dad who was also ex Royal Signals, "M" has made the probably wise decision to go to her friends for the evening as listening to us three talking total Bo**ocks would do her head in!

I've now completed my first week of driving buses and coaches! I'm pleased to say that I haven't hit anything and all wing mirrors are still intact! Which considering some of the roads I have had to drive down is a major miracle!

Next week I am route learning, and will be driving a double decker! It's not a nice new shiny one its an old one where the brakes are either on or off, and the suspension is non existent. I'm looking forward to driving it as it's a new challenge! Just got to watch out for low bridges and over hanging branches!

Till later.............


  1. lovely A
    here is mine

  2. Jools, Glad the move went well. Looking forward to talking B******s and sinking a few Warsteiner's with you later on in the month or do you fancy Becks, Bitburger or Monchengladbach's finest Oettinger. I'll probably bring all four. Any other requests?

  3. Jim, Warsteiner would be the lager of choice! Used to have a bar in the Altstadt of Paderborn we used to call the office as we were always in there! They had it on draft and it was the finest lager I have ever drank anywhere in the world!

  4. saw you on the A-Z challenge but no A? Anyway, intrigued by your story here...a different world from mine!