Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes!

Day 2 of driving a coach and all is well.

Mind you driving a 40ft tin can down a lane which is in fact not as wide as the coach is a little daunting, negotiating 17th Century Church walls with less than and inch clearance either side all take a bit of getting used to!

This afternoon I had to pick up a load of primary school kids from school and do the school run. Firstly, nothing can prepare you for 40 plus 5, 6 and 7 year olds all shouting, screaming and generally making a racket. I thought the windows of my coach were about to imploud!

Once the teachers got off the bus, a couple of them started talking about the saying "C" "U" "N"ext "T"uesday. If you take those four letters you come up with a word which sort of sums up the vast majority of politicians, but I digress!

So there they all were talking about it, and none of them thankfully could work out what it meant. One bright spark said take the first letters and that makes up a rude word. Oh dear I thought, they could get close to this.

Then one of them asked me "Driver - do you know what "C" "U" "N"ext "T"uesday means?" NO, I said, rather too loudly! A wicked streak did come over me and I thought about saying, why don't you ask your teachers tomorrow! But thought better of it and shut up!

Anyway, they set about trying to work out what the first letters were, 1st letter "S" for Sea! 2nd Letter "Y" for You, "N" for Next and "T" for Tuesday! SYNT - Driver, whats a SYNT?!

Now keeping the coach on the tarmac is difficult enough, and even more so when you are trying not to wet yourself with silent laughter!

So thank goodness for innocence and the English language!

We now have a new swear word, which is unique and very few people will suss what you are really calling them. So feel free to use the word "SYNT" and remember it was made by a group of 6 and 7 year olds whilst on my coach!

Till later...................


  1. Better SYNT than the other, eh?

    I can only imagine the tense feeling of driving on a narrow road like that.

    I once rode along with a racecar driver pulling his car and trailer home from a track late at night.

    I couldn't see well as we barreled down dark country roads at 140 kph, but we made it alive.

    Did I mention I swilled, yes, swilled two beers as soon as I could to calm the jitters? lol

  2. Tight roads reminds me of the buses in Gibraltar Jools. Originally the Gibraltar government bought a fleet of buses from the UK (to fit in with the red post boxes etc)however they were too big for the rock! Then they bought ones which were a sort of in between size but my God when you travelled on them I admired the skill of the drivers because they literally at one point at the top of Main Street used to have to drive towards the wall of a building missing it by inches to get the back end around without hitting the building on the opposite side of the road. Funny thing was the whole bus used to be chatting away in Spanglish (Gibraltarian mixture of English and Spanish) and then when it came to that one corner the whole bus would go silent! Anyway after all the practice you will have with the bus driving the caravan and the Pajero will seem like a breeze. Glad your enjoying yourself, kids can be hilarious sometimes.

  3. Driving down country lanes is like nothing else I've ever done. To be honest I find reversing the bus easier than reversing the caravan!

    I went down a lane today with grass growing up the middle! If I had stopped the only way off the coach would of been via the roof due to bank and hedge!

    If you look at buses/coaches in cities they appear to have almost smooth tyres with grooves cut in them. I was wondering why ours were chunky/nobbly and good for off roading! Now I know why!!