Thursday, 10 May 2012

And Still It Rains!

No real let up with the weather at all here deep in the heart of the New Forest!

Last night heavy rain was forecast, and for once the weather man got it right.

Our site is waterlogged, and certainly would not advise a front wheel drive camper van to come here as it would most certainly get bogged in.

But, my hat goes off to the intrepid campers who despite howling winds, torrential rain, and at least an inch of water surrounding their tent have not given up and are still here!

A young couple perhaps, hardy and foolish? a pair of wierdo's? no a couple aged in their 50's!

I'm afraid both "M" and I both said last night, that if that was us it would be the nearest bed and breakfast for us!

I managed to finish early today, due to the fact that my last school run only had 3 kids on board and they all got off at the early stops, so that was it for me, foot down and back to the depot!

I've a day off tomorrow, (Friday) then working on Saturday. Not so good, due to the change of rota's means I now have to work every other Saturday!

This does cause a lot of problems with our vintage rallies, some we will simply not be able to go to, so a real shame, but at the end of the day, we require money to live so what has to be done, has to be done.

"M" also has to work every other Saturday, at least we have managed to arrange them so we are both off at the same time.

Well, off for a bite to eat, as I have a lay in tomorrow morning, so a few beers hopefully for me!

Till later...............


  1. We're camping in the rain too - mind you, not in a tent. Here we are in Nelson, which gets the most sunshine hours in the whole of New Zealand. But it's the rain which keeps the country green, isn't it?

    Best wishes from a former bus driver and his spouse.

  2. 4 days between posts .. tut tut tut