Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekend Came And Went!

Well I don't know about you lot, but our weekend flew by in the blink of an eye!

I guess it did not help that both "M" and I had to work Saturday, "M" worked the morning and I worked all day!

Saturday evening was spent at "M"s son's who was baby sitting, so "M" got her cuddle fix from our Grandson!

Sunday we went into Christchurch for it's food festival.

The weather was great, a bit breezy down on the quay, but the main street was packed.

Both sides of the road were packed with stalls serving up food of all sorts! We both ate well, having a taster of a few things. I ended up having a bowl of paella which did not have any fish in it, but chicken and chrizo. So does that make it a Risotto?

"M" went for some freshly cooked roast beef, which was lovely and rare, which is how we both like our beef.

Both were excellent. We also bought a wild garlic loaf, which is on the table for this evening's tea, and a lardy cake. If you have never had a lardy cake you really do not know what you are missing. Without doubt one of my all time favourites.

Now, as I said there were stalls and stalls of food, of all types, freshly cooked, from all over Europe and also local suppliers selling their wares.

So with all this amazing food, why the hell would you buy a bag of chips! Some folk just have no imagination!

A good day out, with some most welcome sunshine, got home and cooked on the cadac and had a couple of cider's. Perfect day out.

Monday now being over, I'm not long home and "M" is on her way, so best get the tea sorted out!

Till later......................


  1. I love christchurch its such a beautiful place, anyway my nephews band were playing at the food festival !! they're called ASP :) hope you had a good time , only 97 days and counting till we're in the beautiful new forest

    Eileen x

  2. I enjoyed that outing beside the sea along with you. I love the sea, but here I am, living inland at Elstree, near London. That's probably why all my novels are set in Cornwall with clear views of the ocean.