Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Problems With Driving A Bus!

My day job now consists of driving a bus, this can be anything from a 70 seater coach, to a midi coach to a double decker!

But, with all of them the same problems seem to occur on a regular basis.

The main problem for me is other people's attitude to how much room they think they need to give to a larger vehicle.

Well, all I can say is, decided on the amount you are going to give, then treble it!

Only today I was driving down a narrow lane, met a car, and as I had school kids on board I am not allowed to reverse for safety reasons. So the car had no choice but to back up. They did this with a lot of huffing and puffing and not very well I might add as they nearly put it in a hedge

On reversing back far enough to allow me to pass, I waved to say thank you and was given the middle finger salute! Charming!

Now you may of thought this was by a young lad late for work, but no, it was by a middle aged woman! Cant wait to see her again on the lanes, Ill maker her reverse for bloody miles next time!

On my route today, I had some town driving on residential streets, trying to squeeze between parked cars on either side of the road, with just an inch either side is no fun! But,what if I was a fire engine or ambulance ? How on earth would they get down with out wrecking vehicles?

It does make me wonder what people think when they park up!

Parking on bus stops! Why do people think this is ok! One old dear got a massive blast of the horn today as she had parked right in the middle of a stop which was clearly marked! How she didn't see me try and pull in behind her I do not know!

Oh and please don't blame the bus driver if he is late, he doesn't set off with the plan that he is going to. He cannot help it if he is held up due to the volume of traffic, or that some idiot has parked badly making it difficult to pass.

It also takes time for older people to get on and off a bus, hence another time delay to factor in.

Today I was moaned at for being 10 minutes late! Yes I should of developed the art of time travel then I could of got to the bus stop before they did!

To be honest it was lucky it was only 10 minutes! If you don't like it get a bloody taxi! Sorry forgot, they were on bus passes and get them for free anyway! So why moan!

Mind you, some folk are very nice, and I get waved at quite a bit, well that's what it looks like!

I've done some of the routes a few times now, and one old dear as she gets off the bus always hands me a boiled sweet! Very thoughtful and most welcome when you have been driving for 
4 straight hours!

And to be honest when the passengers get off nearly all of them say thank you, and that even includes school kids!

So next time you catch a bus, don't forget to say thanks to the driver, it really does cheer us up! A sweet is fantastic, watch their face light up when you hand it to them,  and please don't moan at them for being late, it's a tough job and they really are trying to do their best!

Till later.................


  1. Hi Jools, I can sympathize with your comments regarding the attitude of some of the passengers. We don't have the narrow roads over here in NZ but one of the characteristics most noticed was when pulling out from a bus stop as soon as the indicators came on the noses of the cars all rose so as to beat the bus. Just pick on the newest and they will give way.

  2. My mother in law moans and complains about everything. I think it's what keeps her alive. And boy do the buses get it weather they're late, early or on time, she'll soon find fault. There's just not pleasing some people.