Thursday, 3 May 2012

Straight Awning Poles

You may remember me saying that our awning blew down bending a number of poles.

Thankfully "M" knew some one who had an engineering company, we gave him the poles and he put them in a roller and hey presto, back to being straight again!

We now have a couple of poles that are difficult to pull apart so we are going to give them to him to see if he can work his magic once more.

These poles to buy are a tad expensive so this was a real result for us.

Here on our new site, the water has gone down, but the ground is still very wet and the entrance onto the site field is a bit boggy and muddy. No problems for us in our 4x4 but I do feel a bit sorry for a couple who have turned up today in their Ford Fiesta and have erected a tent! Brave souls!

The shower is wicked, with as much hot water as you want and reasonably powerful and best of all it's free!

So perfectly happy here, even though we are close to a railway line it doesn't bother us at all.

I want to put up our little awning, but will wait a few more days to see if the ground drys out a bit first. It will probably go up over the weekend.

"M" is away this weekend on a Hen Do weekend - She is off to Spain, fly's out tomorrow (Friday) and gets back in early on Monday morning.

So "China" and I are home alone! I think Mr Gulliver and young Thomas will be paying us a visit, so copious amounts of cider will be drunk on Saturday evening with no doubt plenty of grub on the cadac.

I'm now having to work every other Saturday which I am not impressed about! They only gave us 7 days notice to do this. The company said that it was not a significant change to our working week to give us longer notice! 

Well excuse me, but it royally knackers up my weekends! Even putting some of our vintage rallies in doubt, due to travelling etc.

So not really sure what to do about it. Grin and bear it is not really an option as it will just eat away at me and make me bitter and twisted. I will have to think of something.

Shepherds Pie, home made by "M" tonight, so off for a beer.

Till later........................


  1. Hi there

    I found your blog last night and since then have read it from start to finish. Thank you for a truly inspirational blog!

    I am soon to begin 'living the dream' and live full time in a caravan.

    I am in my mid 30's, work a professional job and will be living alone. I dont drive a commercial vehicle, it is a brand new exec car.

    Would you see any problems with site owners allowing a single male to rent a pitch?

    Best regards, WaterBoy

    1. Hi I dont see any problems what so ever!