Monday, 7 May 2012

Here Comes The Rain Again!

Bank holiday Monday and yes, it's raining!

The site we are currently on has a mix of caravans and brave souls in tents! I do feel a bit sorry for the tenters especially as they have small kids with them, but everyone has a choice.

I just hope that this isn't their first time out camping as with this weather it may well put them off.

Mind you after looking through the recent edition of the Camping and Caravan Club magazine I was astonished at the price of tents! £500 is not an unreasonable amount to pay for a tent these days.

We bought our first caravan for £157.00 and enjoyed many a night away in it! I personally know which way I would spend my hard earnt cash!

I still believe that a caravan is a very cheap way to get away in the UK for a weekend, whilst having a degree of comfort and warmth! Not forgetting keeping dry!

"M" is back shortly her flight has just arrived back at Bournemouth airport, Ive been up for a while as I had a bit of tidying to do!

Last night Mr Gulliver and young Thomas stayed over in their campervan, I cooked a wicked pork in cider with roasted vegetables all done on the cadac. It was lush even if I do say so myself.

A vast quantity of cider was consumed, including some with the name of "Legbender" and yes it did exactly what it said it would!

I can't get out of the habit now of waking around 0400hrs everyday, so lie in's seem impossible for me, I was awake for ages, trying to drift back off to sleep so but with no luck what so ever, so got up and made the place look reasonably presentable for "M"s arrival.

I've missed her, just doesn't feel right without her around.

No plans for today, just chilling out, I suspect "M" will be requiring masses of sleep so I doubt I will get to see that much of her today, but, as it's grey, damp and raining outside, sounds perfect for a duvet day.

Till later...........


  1. If I had to choose between a caravan and a tent, the caravan would win "hands down". But different strokes for different folks. Each person has their own passion. Glad you are sharing your.

  2. Daww.... hope "M" reads what you said about her - smile :D