Saturday, 5 May 2012

I Started Out With Nothing And I've Still Got Most Of It Left!

As "M" is away on a girls hen weekend in Spain myself and "China" dog have been left to amuse ourselves this bank holiday weekend.

Luckily "M" left me the washing and tidying up to do, plus putting up the small awning!

Last night I was searching itunes for all sorts of weird and spurious songs, and armed with a couple of beers manage to down load a number of  album tracks which caught my eye or ear as the case may be!

Just to show what an eclectic taste in music I have I downloaded Motorhead Ace Of Spades and Flatt and Scruggs Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Now I don't think you could get much farther apart than that!

Not too sure what any psychologist would say, as they say your music collection says a lot about the person you are!

It did get me thinking though and I searched for old songs that I hadn't heard in years, such as "The Mac Lads" and "Sweaty Betty" only click on this if you don't mind swearing!

Charlie Drake - My Boomerang Won't Come Back! Classic song, I had this as a 7" single!

The first ever album well actually a tape cassette (remember those)? was Splodgenessabounds and probably their best known song, "Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please"

Not only my favourite album but also my favourite film is The Blues Brothers. If you have not seen it then you must. It is a true classic, and is responsible for me learning to play the harmonica and holding some of the wildest parties JHQ has ever seen, we brought the roof down one night, yes, seriously the suspended ceiling collapsed!

We had people turning up from different units from all over Germany wanting to come to our parties, entrance was very simple, you supply us with a 24 can slab of Carlsberg, you get invited! At one stage we had two full wardrobes full of slabs!

Back in those days, JHQ was a bit of a dream posting for us squaddies, so for me to end up their was nothing short of a major miracle.

The best Blues Brothers Song is "Sweet Home Chicago" which over the years I have played to death and played along to so many times I could play it backwards!

Anyway, one of the things that has always amused me is blues names, they are simply brilliant such as Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, T-Bone Walker, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Scrapper Blackwell and of course Blind Lemon Jefferson!

I once had this mad idea I wanted to open a bar and call it the Blind Lemon Blues Bar, a small intimate cafe/bistro type place that served great food, fine ale, and a small stage where every weekend blues bands would play. Of course the only music would be blues orientated.

I did save the best name till last and he is also responsible for my blog title, he is an absolute lunatic and with a name of "Seasick Steve" has to be the best blues name ever!

He is total rock n roll, and lived the blues lifestyle so he sings what he knows about!

Just imagine a small, low ceiling, dimly lit bar, amazing electric atmosphere, packed, with standing room only, a buzz of excitement and wonder as Seasick Steve who looks as if he has just woken from a doorway enters on to the small raised stage at the back of the bar.

Welcome to the Blind Lemon Blues Bar and give a big hand to Seasick Steve playing his 3 string guitar and his Mississippi drum machine, here he is singing Dog House Blues! Enjoy and if that doesn't have you tapping your foot, get someone to check your pulse, you must be on God's golden shore!

Till later.......................


  1. Ive never posted a comment before without a previous comment, But Seasick Steve is just amazing - the more I find out about this guy the more I like him!

  2. Yes I like his music alot .......... and his drummer's very competent & a good fit !