Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Showers - Roll On Summer!

What a month April turned out to be!

So much has happened during April I really do not know where to start!

Firstly I am now a Grandad! Tayo our Grandson was born on Easter Monday weighing in at a whopping 9lb 3oz! 10 days late and with a cracking head of hair!

My daughter turned 18 on the last day of the month of April!

The A-Z challenge took over for the month, so now back to regular blogging about our day to day life.

The challenge was good fun, I did cheat and schedule posts, which was just as well, due to an unforeseen occurrence which I'm afraid I've been asked not to write about, but this totally banjaxed us for a bit.

The month started off warm and sunny, and we thought, yes! This is the start of summer, we had a couple of nice sunny weeks, and then as soon as they announce a hose pipe ban the heavens open and it hasn't stopped raining!

We had visit's from various friends and family, Kev and Just, came for a BBQ, Mr Gulliver and young Thomas stayed for a Saturday night and finally a great weekend was had when JE and his Dad Kevin turned up. Both JE and Kevin were both ex Army, JE being of the RMP kind, but we didnt hold that against him and his Dad was ex Signals same as me!

So with lots in common, and plenty of beer, we had a full on weekend of eating and drinking!

Now meeting up with JE and Kevin was all down to this blog! We did not know each other at all, but this is the thing, all of us being ex services we instantly have a bond that cannot be broken, no matter how hard you may try, it still all comes down to the fact that once your in your in!

Our awning blew down and bent a number of poles, we are currently trying to see if they can be re straightened as "M" knows someone who has an engineering company and he has said he may be able to roll them straight. Will find out over the next week.

The Pajero went in for it's MOT, glad to say that after 18 years it flew through first time and no advisories! Brilliant!

I joined a trade union! The RMT - Rail Maritime and Transport Union. I never thought I would ever join a union, but things are happening at our company which I am not completely happy with, along with the rest of the drivers. So thought it prudent to join.

This doesn't mean I'm voting Labour and becoming an anti Royalist! Far from it, but thought it may be safer in numbers!

I'm sure there are many other things that have happened during the month, but that was a quick summary!


  1. I enjoyed all your posts and plan to stick around in the future. And as for scheduling posts - that is totally allowed. I did it alot.

  2. Hi both, sorry to hear about your awning and hope that you can get the poles sorted so you will be able to re erect your marque once again.

    And fingers crossed that current bun is only just around the corner, it seems ages since we have had the warmth of the sun beating down on us, it makes our hobby so much more enjoyable.

    Take care, Allan & Gill.

  3. Congratulations Grand-dad, you will just love having littlies in your life! Until they grow up into surly teenagers, but that's a long way away.

    We enjoy your blog, loved the A-Z challenge, and really enjoy reading your rambling thoughts on just about anything. Keep on writing and enjoying life.

  4. keep it bizzy jools .... enjoy having more posts to read ... pls invite loads of guest posters so when your bizzy or feel you have nothing to say / maybe just not in the mood or just cant get the time ( rarely im sure LOL ) we all have something to read. I URGE you to keep the blog Bizzy bizzy ,,i really enjoyed having something to read every day ... this is the ONLY blog i read as i like your style Jools , give us more !

    I had a bit of a BANJAXER during april too .. went to bed tuesday last all is fine .... then at 7am a rather worrying " daaaad " echoed through the house , instinctively as a parent you know the difference between a "daaad" and a "daaaad" and i levitated out the bed , flew at the speed of sound and was in my daughters bedroom in under a millisecond :-) ... disorientated and with my eyes stuck with crusty sleep (TMI) I was greeted with a whisking zooming daughter going by me at equal speed ... i was dragged backwards are her little hand grabbed mind and pulled me into bathroom with cries of "daaaad" , "daaaad" , "daaaad"

    This particular octave of "daaaad" , is a particulary blood curling tone only heard in truely desparate times , its been developed by children , girls in particular due to their naturally bhigher voices , through the millenia to instantly get fathers sole attention ... i beleive this is later abused as child develops and gains exeprience in need ing hand bags and shoes.

    I digress ... as we arrive in bathroom , a place we are about to become VERY familiar with the projectile vomiting commences.

  5. Its always hard watching someone being sick , but watching your child is tough , particulary when their sicky hand is gripping onto yours desparate for help ! After the initial explosion , she seemed fine and felt a lot better , in my naivity i even imagined her still going to school allowing me to get to work ....... come 8 o clock , it was happening all over again , then 8.30 am , then 9 am and so on repeatdly until about 12 o clock , horrible horrible .

    The MAGIC parent wand of calpol was no good as she kept bringing it up within minutes of swallowing , poor wee thing , feelign terribly ill and no able to take anything to help.

    No real apprent reason , no tempreture and no other symptoms except uncontroable sickness , come 2pm after maybe beign sick 20 times it started to settle down a little , and some sleep ( for both of us ) was able to happen betweeen bouts . probl;em is , by this time her stomach was just about as empty as it could be and what i now know as "yellow" bile was being brought up , not easily so being sick was lot more painful.

    Things started to settle down by 5 and she managed a couple of hours sleep , and even some water and cream crackers.

    By ten and after a coupel more bouts of sickness , albeit a lot milder it was time to vissit out of hours GP , who after feeling around appendix send her to hospital ... to cut a long story a little buit shorter , she was kept in for 4 days so yes , my life was BANJAXED too for about a week ... shes better and home and we are talkign about trying her for school on thursday but she ate little for 4 days and her appetitie is not back to normal yet ... biggest surprise oput of all of this is there appears to be no definitive test for appendix issues , if it cant be seen at all on ultrsound then doctors are grouping together a few other symptoms to try and disagonse

    In the end I was told they dont know what it is , could be appendix issues , could have abeeen severere stockmach virus and the constant being sick could have made her bladder/appendix area delicate casuing the pain


  6. Jools,

    Can I just say what a fantastic welcome you and 'M' gave to me and my Dad Kevin. On our little tour of the UK the weekend we had made his day. Pulling up a sandbag and telling war stories of you days in the Royal Signals and eating the chilli prepared by 'M' was a great night as was our trip to the seaside and the pub on Sunday afternoon. We continued our journey up through to Oxford and Coventry before I put him back on the train to West Wales. Lovely to meet complete strangers and have so much in common. The power of your blog eh?............
    Hope we can keep in touch and do it all over again here in Germany with Warsteiner on draft!!!??

    1. It was a pleasure to meet you both and we both enjoyed your company, yes, a trip back to Rhine-D would be a grand idea.